New version of Ogre-powered music player “MMiX.Me 3D” released

For all of you who want to bring your music browsing experience to the next level and are looking for an alternative to the text based music players commonly used: The Ogre-powered 3D music player and browser “MMiX.Me 3D” has just been released in a new version (v0.2.0).

Features include:

  • Music library playback (mp3, flac, ogg, wma, midi)
  • Internet streaming radio (Loudcity)
  • Embedded web browser
  • Auto-download of album art
  • Manual search for album art
  • Various view geometries
  • Sound effect plug-ins

LATEST NEWS: Version 0.2.0 with integrated Web Browser and Streaming Radio!

You can find more information as well as the free download over at



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