Am I missing new feature in Pro


03-02-2009 17:53:43


I noticed there's are a few new versions out in my pro support page but there is no change list nor email about it. Was it not sent or am I missing out?


03-02-2009 19:43:08

The latest version I see is 1.9.64

I got an email with this version, it might be only because of a support ticket thats in progress though

This version includes several fixes and improvements as:

This update includes a fix for the unhandled exception issue with a big number of entities The issue was related to the internal parser that Max uses, when thousands of objects that used shaders are being processed a bug in Max was experienced. We have solved this and now is possible to export any number of meshes with shaders assigned to them

Added Scene Unit Information via Scene Headers, see "Scene Unit Information (Scene Headers)" article for detailed information and usage (will be online during the current week)

This version includes support for producing the Tangents data in the TANGENT buffer by default without the need to produce Binormals or other data if not needed You need to disable the "Generate Binormals" option if you want the binormals data to NOT be in the mesh file, if this option is enabled then Binormals will be produced

A new option below the "Generate Tangents" was added (in the "Object" properties panel) to select the buffer channel where the tangents will be produced (if needed), where you can select from TANGENT or TEXCOORD channels, with TANGENT buffer being the default if no selection is made

This version fixes the issues when using a animation "sample rate" value other than 1 with animation ranges starting at a non 0 frame on skeletal animated objects

This version includes the new "active FOV" for the cameras that will display the exact FOV for the scene cameras as displayed in the Max viewports and will adapt according to the preview viewport size to always display the correct camera FOV (same behavior as Max viewports)

To use the improved FOV value in your applications the updated oScene Loader library is needed (available during the current week)

This version includes support for accessing the "animTextures" (the array of texture animation frames filenames) member of the TextureUnit texmap via maxScript

The animTextures is a string array that contains the names of the image files (with complete, absolute paths) of each frame for the texture animation, can be handled as any string array with elements added or removed as needed, resized or set its contents from a different string array

Each element of the array need to contain the absolute filename, complete with the full path of each image frame (c:\yourImages\yourTextures\frame1.jpg), this is need to display the images frames in the preview viewport (when exporting, only the filenames with no paths will be produced)


04-02-2009 07:38:11

Thanks Evak, I'm missing this email (and the older version one too).


04-02-2009 08:53:32

Here's the 1.9.61 info

The version 1.9.61 has been released, starting with this version full support for Max 64 bits is provided (with increased speed and memory support, massively big scenes are supported now)
Among the fixes and updates from the previous hotfixes included in this release, we are exited to introduce the needed support for "Shoggoth" and "Cthugha" Ogre engine versions
Note: Because of the number of version that are currently mantained is increasing at a fast pace, reaching non-practical levels (Dagon, Eihort, Shoggoth, Cthugha, their variations for Max 8/9/2008/2009 and all of them in their variations for 32bits and 64bits platforms), it has been determined (based on our customer data and their comments) that the only versions supported will be Max 2008/2009, Shoggoth and Cthugha, in 32bit and 64bit from now on
This doesn't mean that if a customer needs a fix or an urgent improvement for any previous version he is using it won't be provided, we will continue to support our customers in any platform and version they use, being this a previous or current version, what this means is that regular updates or new versions will not be produced for non supported versions, and all of the regular new features and fixes will be targetted only at current supported versions
• Added Shoggoth support
• Added Cthugha support
• Added Max 2009 64bits support
• Implemented support for PuppetShop based skeletal animations
• Support to not show the PuppetShop bones in the preview viewport has been added, there is no need to hide the bones for the preview viewport or when exporting, those bones
will not be produced or displayed, only the animated character and other scene objects

There was a hotfix in between, can't seem to find the info for that one at the moment though.