Error of loading NXS(Detritus )

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Error of loading NXS(Detritus )

Postby spe02001 » Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:19 am

I tried to load a mesh as
but I got an error because "NxOgre::MeshManager::getSingleton()" return a NULL.
What is the problem?
How to load a NXS correctly in Detritus ?
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Re: Error of loading NXS(Detritus )

Postby saejox » Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:05 pm

Code: Select all
string nxs = ""ogre://General/" + "model"+ ".nxs";
NxOgre::MeshManager *mManager = NxOgre::MeshManager::getSingleton();
NxOgre::Mesh* m = mManager->load(nxs, "somename");

this is how.
dont forget to put nxs path in resources.cfg.
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