Ogre is a very extensible engine, and we have a very active community who have produced many add-on projects which are not officially supported by the core team, but have proven extremely helpful to users and have provoked much discussion and collaboration in the forums. Many of these are hosted in the Ogre Subversion repository, under the ‘ogreaddons’ module, to promote collaboration and to make them easy to locate. Many people have asked for a quick reference to the add-ons and how to get hold of them, so here it is!
How to obtain the add-ons
You can obtain the add-ons from Subversion, the root location of the addons tree is

If you want to pick out particular projects you can add the project name to that URL (or use your GUI tool to browse for it).

Commit Notifications
If you want to be informed when a change is committed to the add-ons, it also has a commit notification mailing list which you can subscribe to.

List of Projects
Note: since these projects are not maintained by the core Ogre team, they are not guaranteed to be up to date with the latest version of Ogre, nor are they officially supported. If you have any problems with them, please either post in the forums, submit a patch, or contact the current maintainer, either through the Add-on Forums where the largest add-ons have their own discussion areas, or obtain their email from the documentation / appending to the names given below. New developers are accepted on the recommendation of the current maintainers – if the original authors are no longer working on them, apply to one of the Ogre Team if you want to take over maintenance of one of these projects.

Project Name
Current / Last Maintainer(s)
3ds2mesh dgeld Direct converter from .3ds to .mesh and .material
3dssceneexporter cthno1 Scene exporter for 3D Studio Max. This tool exports scenes (as opposed to models / animation as with the core exporter) into the ‘.scene’ format, and XML definition covered in the dotsceneformat project.
BetaGUI betajaen Small and lightweight GUI system using only overlays
blenderimport haffax Import OGRE .mesh files into Blender
blendersceneexporter reimpell Export dotScene format files from Blender
cal3d2ogre lordlorik Converter from Cal3d data formats to Ogre
ceguimeshviewer pablobuiras In-engine mesh viewer using CEGui
clipmapterrain hellcatv, shirsoft Geometry clipmaps implementation for terrain
ColladaPlugin fupsi
Plugin allowing you to load scene files defined in the COLLADA format.
cubicfractalterrain antiarc An example of how to generate terrain using cubic splines and fractal detail refinement
dbmArchive jaysprenkle An Archive plugin which reads and writes standard Unix DBM files
displacementmapterrain dwhittaker A terrain demo which uses vertex programs to displace the terrain into it’s final shape, allowing large terrains in smaller data sizes
dotsceneformat wolverine___ Definition of an extensible scene format, called ‘.scene’ which is XML based and can be exported by 3dssceneexporter and displayed by dotsceneoctree
dotsceneoctree wolverine___ SceneManager plugin which can read .scene files and render them using a combination of static and dynamic geometry stored in an octree. This differs from the main octree implementation in the core in that static geometry is pre-transformed (and can be pre-lit using ogrefsrad, see below)
forests john_j A library for rendering expansive forests using Ogre
gilesexporter walaber An exporter for Gile[s], a global illumination system.
GOOF falagard Game Object Oriented Framework
HDRlib lui85 A library to make it easier to incorporate HDR effects into your software using OGRE
mayaextras omekinteractive A set of additional Maya tools including a dotscene exporter and node animation curve exporter
mdl2mesh borundin A LUA script to convert Neverwinter Nights .mdl files into OGRE’s .mesh format.
meshmagick haffax, blakharaz A command-line scriptable tool for manipulating meshes, e.g. merging & changing formats
meshviewer cthno1 A Windows-based GUI tool for viewing and tweaking Ogre meshes and materials.
multiscenemanager metax An experiment to see if multiple scene managers could be used simultanteously to render different parts of a single scene
nogredex gfmrose A binding to the NVIDIA PhysX Engine (fomerly Novodex)
oasis godot_found A framework to tie together multiple game engine systems into a more integrated whole
ogrebullet tuan kuranes Wrapper to tie Ogre and physics engine Bullet together.
ogrefsrad psyclonist Tool to allow Fluid Studios‘ radiosity processor fsrad to be used with Ogre meshes
ogredotnet cetrocet1234 Wrapper to access OGRE from .Net languages such as C# and VB.
ogreode sfmonster Bindings for the physics engine ODE
ogreopcode _mental_ Demonstration Opcode (collision detection) bindings for Ogre meshes.
ogrenewt walaber Library binding to the Newton Game Dynamics physics engine.
ogreswf stonecold_ Play Flash animations into an OGRE texture
ogretokamak staringmonkey Bindings for the physics engine Tokamak
overlayeditor patrick_kooman Windows tool for graphical editing of Ogre .overlay files
paginglandscape jamilan, nfz, kuranes Plugin SceneManager(s) for handling large-scale, paging terrain
particleeditor mac, spannerman CEGui-based graphical particle system editor
posertools kaynine Exporter for Poser
pyogre monsterkodi Python bindings for Ogre; however see Python-Ogre now.
QtOgreFramework esuvs, kardoon Integration framework for using Ogre with Qt
rmogreexporter none Export OGRE-compatible material scripts and shaders direct from RenderMonkey
sketchupexporter Kojack Export meshes from Google Sketchup
simplepagedterrain HexiDave An infinitely repeating paging terrain system
truespaceexporter thecomputerguru Exporter for Calgari Truespace
uOgreBrowser ryandeboer Binding to uBrowser to allow you to render web pages onto geometry in Ogre.
videoplugin pjcast Decode and play video in realtime through a texture in Ogre
worldminion sinbad Convert a polygon soup into a structured cell/portal graph.
wxOgreMVC sinbad MVC framework for Ogre based tools using wxWidgets
Other Affiliated Projects
There are also some other projects which are not stored in the ogreaddons repository that are nevertheless very useful for Ogre users:

Project Name Description
Crazy Eddies Gui Crazy Eddie’s GUI System is a free library providing windowing and widgets for graphics APIs / engines where such functionality is not natively available, or severely lacking. The library is object orientated, written in C++, and targeted at games developers who should be spending their time creating great games, not building GUI sub-systems! We highly recommend it to OGRE users.
OpenGUI A high-level GUI library with Ogre bindings. A key feature of OpenGUI is that it speeds interface rendering by cacheing the current version of dynamic contents in render textures.
The Yake Engine Yake is a small, flexible, cross-platform game engine / application framework multi licensed under the LGPL and custom licenses. Yake provides various core functionality, an API abstraction layer for typically used middleware and similar functionality (from audio, graphics, physics to network replication, pathfinding, persistance etc) and high-level implementations for ready-to-use application-level objects (complex models which combine physical, graphical/visual and audible aspects as well as the interaction between sub-components).
Gangsta Wrapper An abstraction layer allowing the use of different physics libraries through a consistent API. It’s possible to swap between different physics engines without altering code. Interfaces are provided to connect it to your visualisation framework of choice.
Ogre4J Native Java bindings for OGRE
NxOgre Another binding to the NVIDIA PhysX Engine (fomerly Novodex), this one run as an external project
ShowMesh Show Mesh is a mesh viewer using Ogre and Qt. It allows you to view your 3D Ogre models and play with light, shadow, fog etc.