Here you can download prebuilt samples/demos so you can take OGRE for a spin. You can also find a lot of other applications made with OGRE, many with freely downloadable demos, via the Gallery and the Showcase Forum.

Name Date Size Notes
OGRE Official Demos Distribution v1.9.0 (Windows)
29 November 2013 108.6 MB
OGRE Official Demos Distribution v1.7.0 (Windows)
1 March 2010 48.0 MB Please note that you will need a recent version of Windows Installer, and a recent DirectX 9.0 installed.
OGRE Official Demos Distribution v1.7.0 (Ubuntu Karmic PPA) 1 March 2010 See apt SDK package includes precompiled demos
Magic of Stonehenge 23 March 2005 8.5 MB A very nice 3rd-party demo by Troglodit – this is made with a fairly old version of OGRE now, but it’s still impressive.