Here you can download a range of supporting tools for OGRE which are included in our own codebase.

You may also be interested in our recommendations page where we list the top external tools and add-ons, and the community-maintained Assembling a Toolset page page on the wiki, where there are links to a great many many external resources.


Name Date Size Notes
Blender Exporter
See forum 168Kb Exporter to take animated meshes from Blender to Ogre XML. Requires the use of the OgreXMLConverter contained in the command line tools download to turn into a runtime binary mesh.
Houdini Exporter
4 April 2007 1.3Mb Exporter for SIdeFX’s Houdini.
Maya Exporters
v7.0 (Windows)
v8.0 (Windows)
v8.5 (Windows)
v2008 (Windows)

v6.5 (Windows)
v8.5 (OSX)

27 Oct 2008 varies Exporters for Maya – please click the link appropriate to your version
Milkshape3D Exporter 10 May 2007 3.6Mb
Softimage XSI v6 Exporter
28 December 2007 3.7Mb Exporter for Softimage XSI v6


Name Date Size Notes
Ogre Command-line Tools (1.7.2)
Mac OSX (1.8)
14 October 2011 2.7Mb Command line conversion tools including OgreXMLConveter, OgreMeshUpgrade and MeshMagick. These are required if you intend to use an exporter which writes XML output rather than native binary formats.
Xcode 4 templates
OS X & iOS (1.8)
21 June 2012 3.8Mb Project and file templates for OS X and iOS using Xcode 4.
Xcode 4/5 templates
OS X & iOS (1.9)
8 April 2014 3.8Mb Project and file templates for OS X and iOS using Xcode 4/5.