SimpleRenderables setmaterial

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SimpleRenderables setmaterial

Postby mkultra333 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:35 am

Unlike entities, you can't call setMaterial on a simple renderable using a MaterialPtr, you have to give a string name. I just found this out when trying to apply a new material to a full screen quad.

Not huge I admit, instead of
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miniScreen_DfShMaster->setMaterial( m_pProjectorMaterial_Fast[nProjector] ) ;

I need to go something like
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miniScreen_DfShMaster->setMaterial( m_pProjectorMaterial_Fast[nProjector].get()->getName() ) ;

Since I was following the same pattern I was using to set materials on my world geometry and my entities, it would have been a little nicer if I could use a MaterialPtr.
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