Does Ogre 2.1 support SceneManager::setSkyBox() ?

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Does Ogre 2.1 support SceneManager::setSkyBox() ?

Postby Hotshot5000 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:59 pm

I see that calling setSkyBox() creates a ManualObject that has the following:

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void ManualObject::_updateRenderQueue(RenderQueue* queue, Camera *camera, const Camera *lodCamera)
        for (SectionList::iterator i = mSectionList.begin(); i != mSectionList.end(); ++i)
            // Skip empty sections (only happens if non-empty first, then updated)
            RenderOperation* rop = (*i)->getRenderOperation();
            if (rop->vertexData->vertexCount == 0 ||
                (rop->useIndexes && rop->indexData->indexCount == 0))
            //TODO: RENDER QUEUE ?
            //queue->addRenderable(*i, mRenderQueueID, mRenderQueuePriority);

Also, from what I've seen, the _updateRenderQueue() of the ManualObject never actually gets called even though it's in the mVisibleObjects array. Are skyboxes still supported?

I have six jpgs representing up, down, front etc. and I used to be able to use them as one skybox in Ogre 1.7. Can I achieve the same thing in 2.1?
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Re: Does Ogre 2.1 support SceneManager::setSkyBox() ?

Postby dark_sylinc » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:44 pm

It's broken.
Although you could do something similar (i.e. take a cube, invert the face winding, and set the textures) I'd suggest you do the same as the TutorialSky_Postprocess sample does.
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