1.8 RC1, ResourceManager::_notifyResourceUnloaded bug

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1.8 RC1, ResourceManager::_notifyResourceUnloaded bug

Postby MasterD » Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:51 pm

I'm currently compiling 1.8 RC1 and VC spit out a warning to the following code:
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void ResourceManager::_notifyResourceUnloaded(Resource* res)
      mMemoryUsage += -(res->getSize());

getSize returns unsigned, so -(unsigned) stays unsigned (at least for VC9) and memory increases. I have not seen a thread nor a bug on mantis, is this unknown?

just looked at AtomicScalar, the type of mMemoryUsage. It only has a operator +=, I assume a operator -= is needed at that location or a templated version of just the operator +=.
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