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“Void Destroyer” officially released + new trailers

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Good news: The Ogre3D powered game “Void Destroyer” has left the Early Alpha stage and is now officially released.

Until the 27th of January you can profit from the introduction promotion (25% off) on Steam. Give it a try!


Review of 2014 & Outlook on 2015

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

First off: Happy New Year to everyone!

As the old year starts to slowly fade away in our rear view mirror, we want to look back on what 2014 had in store for Ogre3D and at the same time look ahead what 2015 might bring. So strap in for this ride back to the beginning of last year…

Review of 2014

It all started off with one key event early in 2014 when one well-known (at least in Ogre3D circles) Argentinian fellow joined the team: Matias Goldberg. In the last few months he was (and still is) the driving force behind the efforts to develop the revamped Ogre 2.0 version. Without him that would not have been possible in its current form…or more accurately: It would not have been possible…full stop.

The work on Ogre 2.0 was one of the cornerstones in last year’s efforts, but of course the rest of the team was not sitting around idly, but instead focused on Ogre 1.10. The DirectX11 and GL3+ render systems in particular received a lot of attention and will be among the highlights of this upcoming release. More on that later once we arrive back in the present time on our journey through the last 365 days.

Two other notable technical points are the addition of WebGL support to Ogre3D as well as AZDO work:

WebGL / Javascript (Emscripten): From Ogre version 1.10 on, we officially support WebGL. The respective code has already been pushed to the repository. An online demo can be viewed at (with an downloadable offline copy being available on our Sourceforge site) and build instruction can be found under the following link:

AZDO: As part of his Ogre 2.0 efforts Matias has been working on optimizing Ogre3D from an AZDO (Almost Zero Driver Overhead) point of view. For now this only covers the GL3+ render system, but will be extended in the future. A dedicated post from Matias will follow, outlining the changes and improvements in more detail.

Of course all that work on the engine itself only makes sense if there is an active community and eco-system actually making use of it. Some projects to showcase are listed below:

So all in all it was another pretty good year for Ogre3D, but we got quite a few things to optimize and change for 2015…and that is where we are back in the present and “put the pedal to the metal” to jump-start into 2015 and all we have planned for it:

Outlook for 2015

One of the first things we want to finish is the go-live of the new Ogre3D website we have planned. This basically entails a face-lift and getting rid of the slightly annoying ad banners. So stay tuned for that.

Another major step will be the release of two new Ogre versions, namely Ogre 1.10 as well as the first Ogre 2.0 CTP (Community Technology Preview). Once we have set the final dates we will let you know via a blog post as well as where to find further details. This especially pertains to Ogre 2.0 for which we want to set up some dedicated sources of information to help with the upcoming transition once 2.x nears its first stable release.

At the same time, the regular development efforts will continue and as always we encourage everyone to chime in wherever possible, by providing feedback and input in the forums, reporting issues on our JIRA tracker and ideally also help solving those by submitting pull-requests for our official source code repository. Additionally, donations are always welcome as well to help managing the infrastructure costs.

This last point nicely leads to another thing we want to tackle this 2015. Go-live of our CI server (Continuous Integration) for automated testing of Ogre3D. Once this is ready to use, we will announce it here as well in a dedicated post.

We of course also hope to participate again in this year’s GSoC after we did not make the cut last year. The preparation for it will begin soon by opening up the discussion in our GSoC forum section regarding interesting potential projects ideas. If you have one, note it down and join in the upcoming idea discussion.

Lastly, we also plan to do another Ogre User Survey to get some insights into the user base along with its priorities and wishes and some information about the usage of our engine in general. As you already guessed: This will also be covered in a dedicated announcement once we survey is open. Prior to it, we will trigger a public discussion in the forums regarding the questions we want to ask. Feel free to join in if you have questions that might be of interested and that you would like to see included in the survey.

That’s about it in terms of what we have planned right now, but as usual we will have to see how things pan out. As usual let us know what you think in the forums…and then let’s get cracking.

Kromaia launched on Steam

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

Today we want to highlight another game based on Ogre3D that made its way successfully onto Steam: Kromaia. Check it out on Steam and watch the trailer at the end of this post.


The frantic old-school action of classic coin-op shoot-‘em-ups comes crashing headlong into the 21st century with Kromaia, exclusively for PC. Explosive high-octane blasting combines with hordes of enemies in a 360˚ environment, allowing you to fly, spin and shoot anywhere and everywhere!

Where most shooters see you racing along a fixed path to blast anything in your way, Kromaia does things differently. Set in three-dimensional space, you’re free not just to explore but also dodge and blast through hordes of enemies all intent on destroying you! With your objectives spread out in all directions, it’s a true test of high-speed flying and sharpshooting skill – only the greatest space pilots need apply!

Game Features

  • True 360˚ Action – Kromaia sends classic coin-op shooting action hurtling into a new dimension, allowing players to explore huge 3D worlds full of things to blow up!
  • Harder, Stronger, Faster – The better you do, the tougher things get; adaptive AI adjusts to your abilities, ensuring you’ll always face a true challenge!
  • The Bigger They Are… – Survive through all your objectives and you’ll have a bigger challenge ahead: gigantic bosses that need to be destroyed before they destroy you!
  • Take Your Pick – Four unique craft, each with their own style of weaponry, let you experience the action of Kromaia in your own way. Rapid-fire guns, homing shots, powerful blasts or melee strikes… it’s totally up to you!


“Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends”, now for Linux and on Steam Greenlight

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Some time ago, we already posted about the Ogre3D-powered game “Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends”. Since then, the studio JetDogs has ported the game over to Linux and is now actively trying to get into Steam Greenlight. If you like the game, give them your vote please.

Here their complete press-release:

«Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends» – now also for Linux!

For a long time, Linux has been liked mainly by computerists and the computer enthusiasts but not by gamers. But the times are changing and from some time developers started to create wonderful games for Linux. «Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends» is one of them. Of course, the decision to adapt this game to Linux was to a certain extent influenced by its success and popularity under Windows.

«Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends» is one of the most popular hidden object adventure created by JetDogs Studios. An intriguing plot with many twists, many smart brainteasers and gorgeous game graphics in full 3D that makes scenes and actions completely realistic – all this is available in the story about a young and pretty orphan named Eva which set on her trip to the very heart of Bohemia – the glorious and mysterious town of Prague for coming into an inheritance from her relative who had died under mysterious circumstances. Having arrived in the destination town, she faces ghosts in the deserted house, discloses the band of black magicians aiming to destroy the entire world and, to crown it all, she finds out the truth of her descendance.

Accompanied by its great success, this game was submitted to Ubuntu App Store and soon «Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends» can be bought through Ubuntu Software Center.

The game can be also found at Steam Greenlight. At the Steam Greenlight website you can watch the intro video as well as see the screenshots of the game or leave your comments about the game. We’ll be very happy if you could give us your votes to get into Steam!

Steam Greenlight Vote Link


The more detailed information about JetDogs Studios as well as about the soft products of the company is available at


Ogre3D project: Void Destroyer – now on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Hey Ogre3D community,

many of you might already have seen that promising project in our forums, but nonetheless we think it deserves an extra spot here as well.

Void Destroyer – a space simulation with real time strategy elements (inspired by the classics). Manage planets and build space stations, setup trade routes, build ships and command them to defend yourself from attacking pirates and aliens. Play with a mouse or joystick. Take command of your ship directly or let the ship crew do the work for you while you manage the battle from the tactical screen.

Today the game was launched on Steam Greenlight and a Kickstarter campaign was started to fund the game art. So have a look and give it a try, and if you like it and want to help, consider backing the project.

All the links you need:

“Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends” powered by OGRE 3D was released this autumn

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Yet another commercial game using Ogre3D as the rendering engine was released this autumn. Check out these extracts and screenshots from the official press release we received:

This year was one of success for JetDogs Studios. One of the new creations of the company is an inimitable game with an exciting title “Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends”. The action of the fascinating story proceeds in the old mysterious Prague whose secrets are to be discovered by an orphan named Eva – the main character of the storyline.

The special mystic atmosphere was created thanks to the graphical platform OGRE 3D. Using this advanced technology, the developers succeeded to create many different fine details. Pre-rendered cube-maps of extremely high quality are the basis for environments with full 3D elements. All the characters of the game are also in full 3D that makes scenes and actions completely realistic.

Ogre3D-powered space epic “Salvation Prophecy” released

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Hi Ogre3D community,

many of you might already have heard of the new Ogre3D-powered game “Salvation Prophecy”. It definitely deserves a mention here in our news blog and the fact that it has just been entered into Steam Greenlight makes for a perfect moment to share some additional information about it that the creator Sean Lindskog was kind enough to provide:

Game Overview

Salvation Prophecy is a military space epic. Human, mutant, and robotic factions are at war for galactic domination. Battles rage as space fleets collide, and planet invasions clash against fortified enemy colonies. Yet the greatest danger is the impending annihilation foretold by an apocalyptic prophecy. You must seek out the mysteries of distant alien worlds, and master ancient powers to withstand the coming storm.


Ogre-powered game TrackVerse available for pre-order with big discount

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

We were just informed that the pre-order period for the new, upcoming, Ogre-powered game TrackVerse has begun with a 50% discount.

Here an extract from their official press release:

Pre-order link:

TrackVerse (short for Track Universe) is a game about building your own dream tracks and racing on them with friends. Build tracks from different building block themes and each theme will have its own set of matching vehicles/crafts to choose and customize from.

Customize your own racing gameplay rules to make your own race experience unique! Currently in alpha stage version 0.1, TrackVerse is still a work in progress with many more updates and theme packs coming along the way and does not in any way represent the final quality or polish. What you see is what you get. Feel free to provide feedback on helping us improve the game.

As we at Nakama Studios intend to continue releasing more refined builds of the game, we also plan on reducing the discount gradually until we reach the final version and full price of the product. So the earlier you buy, the better value you get!

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Key Features:

Build your track from a variety of theme packs (City theme pack, Post Apocalyptic theme pack, sci-fi theme pack, etc….) each with their own set of vehicles/crafts!
Mix and match different theme packs to create whackier tracks! Your imagination is the limit!
Share and race your track with friends that you’ve built!
Mod your own gameplay race rules (free-for-all, team based racing, etc…) with our gameplay script editor.
Customize your own vehicle external appearances.

What you will get in buying a pre-sales copy:
An early bird discount at 50%! off the final version price.
Private access to close beta release with exclusive updates and new theme packs that will not be available in the alpha version.
Life membership access to the game’s internet discovery portal (beta).


Zero Gear Released, Free Week on Steam

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

This week marks the release of Zero Gear, the fun kart-racing game from NimbleBit that uses Ogre for rendering. Here’s their press release:

January 12th marks the official release date of the PC kart game Zero Gear by NimbleBit! For the low price of only $19.99 you can beat up your friends in 18 different levels, in customizable karts and characters. Play with physically based weapons, earn achievements and compete in many different game modes.

To help get you into the actions with your friends, Zero Gear is also offered in a 4-pack for $39.99. Thats 50% off each copy!

Still not satisfied? Take your friends and try the full game for FREE this entire week! Zero Gear will be free to play on Steam until Jan. 18th! If you are STILL on the fence, lets keep it 25% off for the entire week. Get Zero Gear now or be sorry later!!11!

Congratulations to the guys at NimbleBit on their release!

Torchlight launches today!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Torchlight, a fresh new Action RPG franchise developed by Runic Games and using OGRE for rendering, is launching today! Torchlight has been developed in Seattle by a veteran team composed of the designers and leads of projects like Diablo, Diablo II, Mythos, and Fate.


The single player game launches today, with an MMO version planned for 2010. Having played the single player game, it’s immediately obvious that it was designed by a team of veterans of the genre; it’s highly polished and a lot of fun to play, and we’re very proud that OGRE has been a part of creating this title.

Torchlight is available to purchase as a digital download from Perfect World, Steam, Direct2Drive and other partners. Go get it!