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Ogre 2.1 now publicly available (previously dubbed AZDO branch)

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Hi everybody! It’s me, Matias aka dark_sylinc!

Time to give a progress report:
At the time that I  am writing these lines, I am making the final preparations for publicly releasing the AZDO branch aka “Ogre 2.1” (still unnamed as of yet). This doesn’t mean it’s ready / finished, but rather that it becomes public, as there has been a lot of development that has been done behind closed doors.

The relevant pull-request and merge can be found here: Ogre v2-1 branch creation / pull-request
The new branch itself is here: Ogre v2-1 branch

You can also follow my current ToDo list on my trello board.


Ogre 2.0 RC1 announcement

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Good news! We have officially added the v2-0-0RC1 tag to the Ogre repository (commit) indicating that we reached our first Release Candidate milestone for Ogre 2.0!

Our original plan was to tag this release as “CTP” (Community Technology Preview) and the upcoming AZDO (Approaching Zero Driver Overhead) improvements as “final”. However this proved to be very confusing for the community and in fact presented two practical concerns:

  1. v2-0-0RC1 is actually very stable and relatively easy to port to when coming from Ogre 1.9 or Ogre 1.10 (= current unstable default branch). The external API interface is quite similar, with performance benefits from efficient frustum culling and scene graph management (plus it’s multi-threaded). Several users in the community had already started porting to it.
  2. The AZDO branch was going to be labelled as “final”. Even though being quite impressive feature- and performance-wise, it is not complete, cannot be considered stable, and is far from actually being final. Furthermore, porting from Ogre 1.9 or even from Ogre 2.0-RC1 to the AZDO branch is not a trivial task as the external API changes are considerable.

Therefore we concluded that:

  1. The “CTP” branch will be released as Ogre 2.0 and is a good stepping stone for projects that require better performance without the high risk associated with porting when there are big engine changes.
  2. The “AZDO” branch will be released as Ogre 2.1 at some point in the future. External interface changes are quite significant and porting to this version requires more work and inherently results in more risk.

Our main focus of development will be on Ogre 2.1. We will only be providing basic bug fixes for Ogre 2.0 to be able to dedicate more resources to Ogre 2.1.

Note: While more and more focus will shift to Ogre 2.x, we will not immediately abandon Ogre 1.x. In fact, there is still at least one release in the making (Ogre 1.10). Once we have a more concrete timeline for it, we will announce the details.


Ogre3D 1.9 released as ‘stable’!

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Good news! We finally tagged the Ogre 1.9 branch as ‘stable‘, making it the new current and recommended version. We would advise you to update wherever possible, to benefit from all the fixes and improvements that made their way into the new release.

Right now, we don’t have any published SDKs yet, since we still rely on team and community members to help with the building and packaging process and that takes some time of course (we have it on our list to automate that process, but so far there always were more pressing topics to tackle 😉 ). But I have already heard that Windows SDKs are well underway and I expect the other ones to surface soon as well. We will update the download page as they become available and also try to update the announcement thread in the forums.

For an outline of the changes, have a look at the collected Ogre 1.9 change log in the wiki and at our JIRA tracker for all tickets fixed/solved by 1.9.

So what’s next? We are already working on Ogre 1.10 which will contain the changes from three of our five GSoC 2013 projects (details in the planning thread). In parallel, the work on the revamped Ogre 2.0 will continue as well…we’ve also got a related news post upcoming that will support those efforts. But as usual, we heavily rely on you as he community to support us with JIRA tickets, tracking down bugs and creating patches and adding new features. So chime in, whenever possible. Thanks!

BTW: With the release of Ogre 1.9 and the start of development for Ogre 1.10, we took the opportunity to get back to properly using the ‘default‘ branch, meaning Ogre 1.9 has been merged into it as well as Ogre 1.10 (which then was closed off), so ‘default‘ is once again our bleeding edge for development and preparation of Ogre 1.10. Please use it as the target for all pull-requests unless they are specifically meant for either Ogre 1.9 (only bug fixes) or Ogre 2.0.

“Coherent UI” integration with Ogre3D

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Some days ago, we have been informed that the guys behind “Coherent:Labs” have released an Ogre3D integration of their CoherentUI solution. This cross-platform solution can be used to handle a wide variety of tasks from complex user interfaces to in-game browsing and in-game shopping systems, to installers and social integration.

With the new integration, Ogre3D joins the list of supported rendering engines that also features other big players such as Unity3D or CryEngine3.

For more details about the UI library, check out their website and read their announcement blog post. Below is the video from that blog post with their R&D head showcasing the new integration from a coding perspective. If you are looking for a new UI solution, give it a try!


Ogre 1.9 RC2 released & Ogre 1.10 announcement

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Good news! We have just added the v1-9-0RC2 tag (commit) to our repository, indicating that we reached our RC2 milestone. Within the next four weeks we will fix any potential major bugs and will then release it on the the 10th November as “stable” to become the new de-jure Ogre version.

Note: As outlined in this version planning thread, we did not include any results of our GSoC 2013 projects in Ogre 1.9 yet, to not delay it any further. This merge will partially happen in the new version Ogre 1.10 and the rest of it in Ogre 2.0 (see the thread for more details and the reasoning behind it).

Since the Ogre 1.10 branch has now been created (commit), we can also officially share its name: Ogre 1.10 aka “Xalafu”. JIRA has been updated to reflect the new branches and versions as well.

NoesisGUI + Ogre Support released in v1.0

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

After three years development and one year of private beta testing, version 1.0 of NoesisGUI has now been released.

Some of the main features include:

  • Vector based
  • GPU accelerated
  • Based on XAML
  • Multithreaded architecture
  • Animation
  • 3D projection
  • Skinning
  • Efficient workflow
  • C++ API (mono for Unity3D)

In collaboration with the OGre3D, especially Murat Sari, an Ogre binding compatible with the new NoesisGUI version is available as well.

For more details and links, see the official NoesisGUI announcement: NoesisGUI Company News Jun2013


Ogre 1.9 RC1 is here!

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Good news!
Some days ago we finally tagged our official source code repository with “v1-9-0RC1” which of course means to we reached a development state that we consider feature-complete for Ogre 1.9. As usual we first release a Release Candidate (RC) version that – if no major issues are found or any upcoming issues were fixed – will be declared final/stable and then become the official current Ogre version. So please: Wherever possible switch to the new version to give it a try and report any issues you find to our Ogre JIRA tracker so that we as the team can tackle them.

The download section has been updated to point to the newly created Ogre 1.9 RC1 SDKs that can be downloaded by those that do not want to build the new version from source themselves. Otherwise, as usual follow these instructions (you need to grab the source directly from our BitBucket repository since we did not prepare any source bundles yet).

Lastly, the mandatory changelog. We will just list some of the major points here, the detailed list can of course as usual be found in the wiki.

Changelog highlights:

  • New LOD Volume Rendering Component with LOD from GSoC 2012
  • Terrain Improvements from GSoC 2012
  • Android platform support
  • Windows Phone 8 platform support
  • Windows Metro / WinRT support
  • OpenGL3+ Render System (still experimental and under heavy development)
  • Improvements to all Render Systems, e.g. DirectX11 from GSoC 2012
  • multitude of bug fixes

What’s next?
With Ogre 1.9 out of the way we can now focus on the upcoming, major release Ogre 2.0 which will entail a lot of internal core optimizations to get Ogre’s speed up to the levels to be able to compete with other rendering engines. Quite a bit of profiling and brainstorming was already done to get us started. One other big step in that direction will of course be this year’s Google Summer of Code where we will concentrate on those areas (for additional topic proposals see this topic list the dev team compiled). If you want to help, just join into the discussion. We are glad about all the support we can get!

Ogre-powered game TrackVerse available for pre-order with big discount

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

We were just informed that the pre-order period for the new, upcoming, Ogre-powered game TrackVerse has begun with a 50% discount.

Here an extract from their official press release:

Pre-order link:

TrackVerse (short for Track Universe) is a game about building your own dream tracks and racing on them with friends. Build tracks from different building block themes and each theme will have its own set of matching vehicles/crafts to choose and customize from.

Customize your own racing gameplay rules to make your own race experience unique! Currently in alpha stage version 0.1, TrackVerse is still a work in progress with many more updates and theme packs coming along the way and does not in any way represent the final quality or polish. What you see is what you get. Feel free to provide feedback on helping us improve the game.

As we at Nakama Studios intend to continue releasing more refined builds of the game, we also plan on reducing the discount gradually until we reach the final version and full price of the product. So the earlier you buy, the better value you get!

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Key Features:

Build your track from a variety of theme packs (City theme pack, Post Apocalyptic theme pack, sci-fi theme pack, etc….) each with their own set of vehicles/crafts!
Mix and match different theme packs to create whackier tracks! Your imagination is the limit!
Share and race your track with friends that you’ve built!
Mod your own gameplay race rules (free-for-all, team based racing, etc…) with our gameplay script editor.
Customize your own vehicle external appearances.

What you will get in buying a pre-sales copy:
An early bird discount at 50%! off the final version price.
Private access to close beta release with exclusive updates and new theme packs that will not be available in the alpha version.
Life membership access to the game’s internet discovery portal (beta).


Roadmap draft for Ogre 1.9 and 2.0 published

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

As promised in one of the last blog posts, we were going to publish a draft of our roadmap for Ogre 1.9 and 2.0, once we aligned internally. This moment has now come and we would really like your feedback on whether you agree with the listed items and also comment on their priority from your point of view.

Once this high level planning is completed, we will also need to think about ways to enhance our development processes and how to implement the planned changes in the most smooth way possible. This discussion also has been started partially, but for now we need to set the big goals and then afterwards we can break them down.

So here is the forum thread with planned changes for Ogre 1.9 and 2.0: Roadmap draft for Ogre 1.9 and 2.0

We are really looking forward to your feedback, so we hope to also see you in the discussion!
Your Ogre3D Team

Ogre 1.8 has been released

Monday, May 28th, 2012

We are glad to announce that we finally were able to release Ogre 1.8 (Byatis) which as of now is the new official, stable Ogre version.

New SDK versions have already been uploaded and all download links are adjusted, so feel free to give it a whirl.

We also want to apologize for the rather substantial delay given that the original estimated release date was beginning of January. Basically seconds before we wanted to release we found some bugs in the samples and felt that this is something that needs to be fixed when releasing a new major version. While tackling those issues, we found a series of related issues and again started fixing them as well. In the end that consumed quite a bit of time, but the bright side is: Almost all samples will now run on all platforms and compilers and Ogre 1.8 has become even better and more stable thanks to all the fixes. So we’d like to mark that as a success.

Nonetheless we of course strive to make the next release cycles much smoother, but considering that this was the first release without sinbad as the leader, we are rather happy with the outcome! And for this we mainly have to thank Kojack, masterfalcon and CABAlistic who did most of the work. Well done!

So what is the plan for the future now?
As you might have seen, there were already some public discussions about the next things to tackle, when we discussed possible GSoC 2012 projects. We internally already started to outline where we want to move in regards to Ogre 1.9 and Ogre 2.0. We still need some days to reach a strong consensus, but once we are at that point, we will inform everybody and put our ideas out there for discussion. Once the community is happy with the plans, we will need to figure out how to best approach the realization of those big challenges in front of us. But with such a great community as the one Ogre is proud to have, we are sure we will be able to get the job done. This time perhaps even in time…

So, as usual: Feel free to chime into the discussions in the forum and share your opinions and ideas. And thanks again to everyone involved in helping Ogre 1.8 become reality!

PS: Unfortunately, we do not have a complete change log this time, but two partial ones, which should give you a rather good overview: Basic changelog in our wiki and changelog in our BitBucket repository.