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Ogre’s GSoC 2015 season kicked off!

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015


With this year’s Google Summer of Code already slightly being visible at the horizon it was time for us to get things started again: We are hoping to find a group of capable and motivated students that will help us move Ogre even further. In order to guide this effort, we created a list of potential GSoC projects that we deem most relevant for this year and consider manageable in the given GSoC time frame: GSoC 2015 Project Ideas. There is also a dedicated idea discussion thread that might yield further insights and ideas.

We also collected all the relevant information about how to apply, where to find additional Ogre related information for this year’s GSoC, etc. in this forum thread. Additionally, we have a GSoC wiki section with a dedicated page for this year that we will update as new information becomes available.

We welcome everyone to chime in either with additional ideas or comments regarding potential projects and join the combined efforts to make this one important cornerstone for a successful Ogre year 2015.

On a related note: The so far private Ogre Hlms/AZDO branch will most likely be made publicly available around the end of this week. This of course is needed for the related GSoC idea to be possible.


Review of 2014 & Outlook on 2015

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

First off: Happy New Year to everyone!

As the old year starts to slowly fade away in our rear view mirror, we want to look back on what 2014 had in store for Ogre3D and at the same time look ahead what 2015 might bring. So strap in for this ride back to the beginning of last year…

Review of 2014

It all started off with one key event early in 2014 when one well-known (at least in Ogre3D circles) Argentinian fellow joined the team: Matias Goldberg. In the last few months he was (and still is) the driving force behind the efforts to develop the revamped Ogre 2.0 version. Without him that would not have been possible in its current form…or more accurately: It would not have been possible…full stop.

The work on Ogre 2.0 was one of the cornerstones in last year’s efforts, but of course the rest of the team was not sitting around idly, but instead focused on Ogre 1.10. The DirectX11 and GL3+ render systems in particular received a lot of attention and will be among the highlights of this upcoming release. More on that later once we arrive back in the present time on our journey through the last 365 days.

Two other notable technical points are the addition of WebGL support to Ogre3D as well as AZDO work:

WebGL / Javascript (Emscripten): From Ogre version 1.10 on, we officially support WebGL. The respective code has already been pushed to the repository. An online demo can be viewed at (with an downloadable offline copy being available on our Sourceforge site) and build instruction can be found under the following link:

AZDO: As part of his Ogre 2.0 efforts Matias has been working on optimizing Ogre3D from an AZDO (Almost Zero Driver Overhead) point of view. For now this only covers the GL3+ render system, but will be extended in the future. A dedicated post from Matias will follow, outlining the changes and improvements in more detail.

Of course all that work on the engine itself only makes sense if there is an active community and eco-system actually making use of it. Some projects to showcase are listed below:

So all in all it was another pretty good year for Ogre3D, but we got quite a few things to optimize and change for 2015…and that is where we are back in the present and “put the pedal to the metal” to jump-start into 2015 and all we have planned for it:

Outlook for 2015

One of the first things we want to finish is the go-live of the new Ogre3D website we have planned. This basically entails a face-lift and getting rid of the slightly annoying ad banners. So stay tuned for that.

Another major step will be the release of two new Ogre versions, namely Ogre 1.10 as well as the first Ogre 2.0 CTP (Community Technology Preview). Once we have set the final dates we will let you know via a blog post as well as where to find further details. This especially pertains to Ogre 2.0 for which we want to set up some dedicated sources of information to help with the upcoming transition once 2.x nears its first stable release.

At the same time, the regular development efforts will continue and as always we encourage everyone to chime in wherever possible, by providing feedback and input in the forums, reporting issues on our JIRA tracker and ideally also help solving those by submitting pull-requests for our official source code repository. Additionally, donations are always welcome as well to help managing the infrastructure costs.

This last point nicely leads to another thing we want to tackle this 2015. Go-live of our CI server (Continuous Integration) for automated testing of Ogre3D. Once this is ready to use, we will announce it here as well in a dedicated post.

We of course also hope to participate again in this year’s GSoC after we did not make the cut last year. The preparation for it will begin soon by opening up the discussion in our GSoC forum section regarding interesting potential projects ideas. If you have one, note it down and join in the upcoming idea discussion.

Lastly, we also plan to do another Ogre User Survey to get some insights into the user base along with its priorities and wishes and some information about the usage of our engine in general. As you already guessed: This will also be covered in a dedicated announcement once we survey is open. Prior to it, we will trigger a public discussion in the forums regarding the questions we want to ask. Feel free to join in if you have questions that might be of interested and that you would like to see included in the survey.

That’s about it in terms of what we have planned right now, but as usual we will have to see how things pan out. As usual let us know what you think in the forums…and then let’s get cracking.

Ogre3D not part of Google Summer of Code 2014

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Dear community,

Unfortunately, we have to convey sad news for a change: We were not accepted for this year’s Google Summer of Code 2014 project.

We don’t know the reason (yet), but there is nothing we can do about it anyway, other than to stand tall and continue our path without funding from Google this year…which will not be the end of course. Instead we will jointly focus on refining and polishing the results of last year’s projects and continue our efforts to integrate them into the main code base as well as pushing forward on Ogre version 2.0.

We also want to highlight that we bear no grudge whatsoever towards Google for their decision. There are so many great projects applying for spots every year that we were lucky to have been consistently chosen for the last several years, often times with as many as four slots in parallel. For that we are very grateful!

Additionally, the fact that we are out this year, doesn’t mean that we are out for good. It’s not our first time we haven’t been granted GSoC slots. We will apply again next year and keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, we will rely even more on you as the community to support us with pull-requests and bug hunting (e.g. by creating and working on JIRA tickets) to constantly improve our beloved engine.

Your Ogre3D Team

PS: Everyone of course is more than welcome to tackle one of the GSoC ideas collected here in various threads as well as in our wiki and work on them anyway. Feel free to get in touch with our development team for additional steering, but even more importantly: Involve the community by creating a thread and discussing your idea and approach beforehand, to get some feedback early on.

Ogre3D’s GSoC 2013 projects/students announced!

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Finally, it’s that time of the year, when we can happily announce our GSoC students! And with great pride we can tell you that this year we were awarded five slots by Google to fill with motivated and talented folks to help us make Ogre3D even better :) .

So here are the five students and their projects (in no particular order):

We would like to welcome everybody to chime in the discussions and closely follow the projects, especially in the planning phase at the beginning. So please post your ideas / comments in the respective threads and perhaps even subscribe to the ones you are most interested in to make sure that you don’t miss any updates or discussions.

With that being said, it is time to get started. Best of luck and happy coding :) !

Ogre3D Google Summer of Code 2012 WrapUp

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

As most of you will already be aware of, it has again been an interesting and productive Google Summer of Code year for our community. As usual the GSoC year is concluded by a summit for the mentors organized by Google and we thought we’d share some bits and pieces as well as talk about the experiences of this year in general.

As we do every year, we sent out two of our mentors to represent our community at the summit. Last year it was Noam and Mattan, this year Assaf and Mattan (David was our first pick as he never attended so far, but it didn’t work out in his schedule).

The event is a two day conference held in Google’s offices in Mountain View, California. Hospitality was wonderful, nice hotel rooms, great food and lots of friendly people. The breakout sessions during the summit covered a variety of topics, all focusing on the summer of code and open source in general.

[GSoC 2012] Projects announced officially

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

It is official now: Ogre has been awarded four GSoC 2012 slots this year! It took quite a bit of discussion within the team to pick our top four projects, but we finally made it and are now looking forward to this coding summer and hope that the students can help to really move Ogre forward a notch.

The selected projects are (in no particular order):


[GSoC 2012] OGRE has been accepted (again)!

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

For the 6th time, we were accepted as one of the 180 open-source projects to participate in this year’s Google Summer of Code! As you can guess, we are very thrilled about it and are now looking for some talented people to tackle some interesting projects and help evolving Ogre even further.

So, if you are a student and don’t know what to do over the summer yet: This is your chance!

We have put together all relevant information, e.g. on how apply for an Ogre GSoC slot or where to find project ideas in this announcement thread: Ogre GSoC 2012 Guide

In case you have any questions, feel free to open a thread in our GSoC forums section. The same applies if you want to discuss or pitch in ideas you have, regardless of whether you plan to tackle them yourself or just want to help our soon-to-be GSoC students to find their perfect project. All input in this matter is highly appreciated!

We are looking forward to another great coding summer! Best of luck to everyone participating this year!

So, let the summer begin!

Ogre News #13

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

It has been quite some time since we came around posting another news flash. We are sorry for that, but let’s focus on the bright side: This one is going to be a huge post :) . So here it goes:

  • Project Aftershock released some new amazing screenshots
  • The commercial game “Heavy Hogur – Dwarf Puzzler!” has been released
  • Assaf Raman ported Ogre to Google’s Native Client (NaCl) along with a nice guide and a demo
  • The commercial game “Garshasp – The Monster Slayer” got video coverage on BBC News
  • The “Run3 game engine” using Ogre specifically for FPS-type games was showcased
  • First demo for the game “The long way” utilizing the above mentioned “Run3 game engine” was released
  • Marble Madness clone (Atari) called “YAMM – Yet another Marble Madness” created by a team of the Braunschweig University of Technology was released
  • OgreSpeedTree has been discountinued, but source code is still available through your IDV SpeedTree representative
  • Nice little game called “Stained” has been announced
  • New volumetric terrain implementation as part of a bachelor paper was showcased
  • Integration of berklium + jsLINB was showcased
  • Online FPS engine called “SilverTech Engine” was previewed
  • The first person tower defense game named FPTD was released
  • Screenshots of the Ogre-rendered movie “Turin – Before the city” were released
  • The creation of the space epic “Salvation Prophecy” is reaching its final phase by showcasing some new impressions
  • New Ogre particle editor called “Ogre Particle Lab” was released
  • EZPhysics library was updated to work with Ogre 1.x versions
  • New version of the Ogre-powered 3D music player MMiX.Me was released
  • The Jade:DS games distribution platform was successfully launched with three Ogre powered games
  • A new version of OpenSpace3D with a lot of new features was released

Additionally: All Google Summer of Code projects have been completed successfully and all changes have already been merged into the official Ogre code repositories.

We as the Ogre team have also started preparing a new release, namely a first RC for Ogre 1.8 and we plan to publish the final stable version right on the turn of the year. More information can be found in this thread.

Your Ogre3D team

Ogre News #12

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

It has been over a month since the last update, so it is definitely time for a new one. We got quite some requests, so the list is rather long this time:

  • OGS Majong got a new update, adding new features as well as fixing some bugs
  • First version of the capture-the-flag-type-game Nina Flag was released
  • A nice little puzzle game called Magick Brick, which was created at the Shanghai game-jam, was showcased
  • The WIP visual shader editor as part of the Alimer Game Engine was demonstrated in a video
  • Ogre Meshy v.13 was released
  • The upcoming Particle Universe v1.5 was previewed
  • New iteration of the space simulation project Void Destroyer was showcased
  • The promising Victory: The Age of Racing team announced the close beta phase and showcased their last E3 trailer
  • Lumen Digital released a video showing one of their Ogre and Kinect based simulations
  • Ogre Procedural got extended by great new features such as SVG support
  • A first version of an adaption of the multi modeling format converter Assimp named OgreAssimpConverter was released by jacmoe
  • metaldev released a series of great video tutorials, explaining how to create models in Maya for the LFA Scene Manager
  • The VDrift and Ogre based  game Stund Rally reached version v1.2 and released some new in-game videos
  • Two great new wiki articles covering two different phong shader (one with cube and one with sphere mapping) were created by toglia
  • A first preview of the virtual fitting room project called FitNect was released

Aditionally: Still a lot is going on in our four Google Summer of Code projects. If you are interested, check this dedicated subforum area.

Also, please participate in our Ogre User Survey 2011, if you haven’t already. The survey is still running until the 31th of August. Afterwards, we will then publish the results.

Ogre News #11

Friday, July 8th, 2011

It has been a while since our last news summary post…sorry for that. But on the bright side: It makes this one a lot bigger than usual, so enjoy!

  • first version of Bloom editor, a 3D text editor was showcased
  • showed some impressions from their Emote Messaging System, that can be used to created individual, animated short messages to share with friends
  • early screenshots from the platform game Bombs&Penguins were released
  • beta pictures of the ambitous game Battle Tiers Invasion were shared
  • the Ogre AntTweakBar plugin TwOgre was updated to work with Linux
  • metaldev updated his GUI library buttonGUI as well has as his LFA Scene Manager
  • updated version of the game GraLL2 was published
  • Lightwave to Ogre exporter was updated by spacegaier to work with LW 9.6 and LW 10
  • teaser video of Will of Nature, a really nice school project from the Netherlands, was released
  • first ingame footage from the German MMORPG Espadon Online was published
  • NeoAxis game engine reached their 1.0 milestone
  • Oogst finally released his long awaited game Proun, that got a great deal of buzz on the internet – dedicated post with some additional information will follow soon

In addition, there is a lot of progress with our four Google Summer of Code projects. Check the out in this subforum.

And the breaking news is: The highly acclaimed Ogre based game Torchlight went platinum as they sold more than 1 million copies. Congratulations!