This page attempts to provide some more detail on the graphics hardware features Ogre requires, or can optionally use.


  • All DX8 and DX9 hardware with very limited support (old ATI Radeon X1000; GeForce 4, 5200, 6000 & 7000)
  • All of DX10 hardware (GeForce 8, 9, 200; AMD Radeon HD 2000-4000)
  • All of DX11 hardware (GeForce 400 - 900; AMD Radeon HD 5000-7000; Radeon R280)

Intel cards are supported but there's a lot of versions and specific support depend on the model. For best compatibility use the D3D9 or D3D11 render system instead of OpenGL.

The recommended RS is D3D9, or else the OpenGL (not GL3+). Only use D3D11 RS if you require specific functionality (i.e. multimonitor VSync in windowed mode, which also requires Windows 8.1).

Always use the latest drivers provided by your graphics card vendor! (unless a certain driver version is known to give problems)


Pretty much the same as 1.10
However a SSE2-capable CPU is required (shouldn't be a problem in 2015)

2.1 (WIP)

  • All of DX10 hardware (GeForce 8, 9, 200; AMD Radeon HD 2000-4000)(1)
  • All of DX11 hardware (GeForce 400 - 900; AMD Radeon HD 5000-7000; Radeon R280)

(1) At the time of writing both NVIDIA and AMD have stopped releasing new drivers for these cards.
On Windows using GL3+ RS, AMD DX10 cards don't have key extensions required to run Ogre. It is likely that these cards will be able to run Ogre 2.1 on Linux using the Mesa 10.6 drivers much better than in Windows; since this is a driver problem, not a hardware one.
We're heavily working on the D3D11 RS to bring support back to all of the DX10 hardware.

Intel has always had very poor OpenGL support; and lately Intel seems to stop releasing new drivers very quickly, even with very recent cards.
Once the D3D11 RS is restored, support for these vendor should be significantly improved. Furthermore it's possible that the Mesa drivers can improve the situation on Linux as well.

The only working RS is GL3+ at the moment.

Microsof-specific: Windows XP is supported via OpenGL (GL3+). Windows 7 or higher is highly recommended.

Ogre 2.1 is a work in progress. Be sure to checkout this page again for further updates. Last updated: 2015-02-18

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