Particle Universe plugin        

Author: Henry 'Spooky Boo' van Merode
Project: External Project (Particle Universe plugin(external link))
Type: OGRE Plugin and Editor
Supported Platforms: Windows
Documentation: Included in the package
Sources: (Particle Universe plugin(external link))
Sources: (Particle Universe editor(external link))

The Particle Universe plugin is a particle engine developed in C++, which can be used as a plugin in Ogre, the open source 3D renderering engine. Create your own amazing effects using the advanced scripting possibilities and make use of the supplied presets and samples. The Particle Universe package includes an Editor, a plugin, API description and a Manual that helps you to easily create explosions, smoke, rain, snow, blood squibs, fire and more.

Particle Universe is used in Nimbus(external link), Torchlight(external link), Garshap(external link), Salvation Prophecy(external link) and Zero Gear




  • Timeslider to see a particle system running in slow motion
  • Realtime editting; change the properties while the particle system runs
  • TreeControl to categorize the particle systems
  • Basic material editor; create new materials / edit existing ones and immediately see the result
  • Dialog for the Colour Affector (similar to edit gradients in Photoshop)
  • Dialog for editting control points, used for properties which value is calculated based on a 'Curve'








Alias: Particle_Universe_plugin

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