QuickGUI is designed to be an easy to use, but efficient and powerful GUI library that works with Ogre3d. QuickGUI is being actively developed, and new versions are released every few months. QuickGUI is input injection based, and works with any input system. The code is clean and well documented which makes it easy to use and extend. There is added focus on skinning which makes it easy for users to customize their GUI's appearance.


Downloading and Installing

Note: You can compile the source against current version of Ogre (Ogre 1.7).

Link(external link)
Stable versions
10.01(external link)
Link(external link)
Mogre version


Using QuickGUI

Learn how to use QuickGUI. This includes tutorials and code snippets.

Examples and Tutorials

Code Snippets

None for the moment, check the QuickGUIOgreDemo application that comes with QuickGUI.


Digital Content Creation

This section is dedicated to the artist pipeline

  • Tools? - Various tools and sandboxes that can be used to speed up -GUI prototyping
Artists Tutorials

This is an OgreGallery featured project



An Easy to use, but Powerful GUI System


  • License LGPL
  • Status Active
  • Dependencies Ogre 1.6+
  • Latest Version 10.01
  • Instructions
  • Support QuickGUI Forum


  • Lead Developer KungFooMasta
  • Start Date 27-August-2007

QuickGUI Supports the following widgets:

  • Button
  • CheckBox(WIP)
  • ComboBox(WIP)
  • Console(WIP)
  • ContextMenu(WIP)
  • Graphic
  • Label
  • List(WIP)
  • Menu(WIP)
  • ModalWindow(WIP)
  • Panel
  • ProgressBar
  • PropertyGrid(WIP)
  • RadioButton(WIP)
  • TabControl(WIP)
  • TextArea(WIP)
  • TextBox
  • ToolBar(WIP)
  • TreeView(WIP)
  • Vertical/Horizontal ScrollBar(WIP)
  • Window (with TitleBar)


Community content and examples

Examples of UI designs and skinning

  • Showcase - This is the place we put glorious examples made with QuickGUI


Documentation and reference

Quick help and extended information

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