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View 1   CodeBank
View 2   Snippets
View 2.1   Geometry
View 2.1.1   Vertex and Index Buffers
View   Sharing buffers
View   Generating A Mesh
View   RetrieveVertexData
View   Line 3D
View   DynamicGrowingBuffers
View   DynamicLineDrawing
View   ManualSphereMeshes
View   SuperEllipsoid
View   GeometricMesh
View   A Series Of Tubes
View   Changing Coordinate Handedness
View 2.1.2   Manual Object
View   ManualObject
View   ManualObject 2D
View   ManualObject AxisObject
View   EditorGridSystem
View   Editor Grid System Source Code
View   Loading from VRML 2.0 - X3D
View   Read raw data from ManualObject
View 2.1.3   General
View   Setting a vector's length
View   Nearest point on a line
View   2D line intersection
View   Find Spline index
View   Raycasting to the polygon level
View   GetScreenspaceCoords
View   Projecting 3D position and size to 2D
View   Equal Length Spline
View   Nearest point on a Spline
View   Get XZ coordinates
View   OgrePlant
View 2.2   Rendering
View 2.2.1   SpriteManager2d
View 2.2.2   Line 3D
View 2.2.3   DynamicLineDrawing
View 2.2.4   Debug Drawing Utility Class
View 2.2.5   Circle3D
View 2.2.6   Displaying 2D Backgrounds
View 2.2.7   Displaying LensFlare
View   LensFlare.h
View   LensFlare.cpp
View   Lensflare.material
View 2.2.8   Faking HDR
View 2.2.9   MovableText
View 2.2.10   OgreSprites
View 2.2.11   Oriented Bounding Box
View 2.2.12   Technique Switcher
View 2.2.13   Multiple Render Targets
View 2.2.14   PixelCountLodStrategy
View 2.2.15   ScreenRatioLodStrategy
View 2.2.16   Light Attenuation Shortcut
View 2.2.17   Simple SSAO
View 2.2.18   Skeleton Debugger
View 2.2.19   Render to SVG
View 2.2.20   Native Rendersystem Calls
View 2.2.21   Render Target to QImage [QT]
View 2.3   Ghosted Entities Behind Other Entities
View 2.4   Materials and Textures
View 2.4.1   URLArchive
View 2.4.2   Deferred Terrain Material Generator
View 2.4.3   Merging and transforming archives
View 2.4.4   Creating dynamic textures
View 2.4.5   Saving dynamic textures
View 2.4.6   Per renderable transparency
View 2.4.7   Exporting3DTextures
View 2.4.8   MaterialExamples
View 2.4.9   RotatingATextureUsingGetYaw
View 2.4.10   ObjectTextDisplay
View 2.4.11   PolygonFont
View 2.4.12   MovableTextOverlay
View 2.4.13   ObjectTitle
View 2.4.14   PGF
View 2.4.15   TerrainMeshDecal
View 2.4.16   Light mapping
View 2.4.17   Reloading materials and parsing material scripts
View 2.4.18   Extending the Ogre GUI demo to reload textures on the fly
View 2.4.19   ColoredTextAreaOverlayElement
View 2.4.20   FadeEffectOverlay
View 2.4.21   CropImage
View 2.4.22   Creating transparency based on a key colour in code
View 2.4.23   Merge exe with a media zip
View 2.4.24   Render entitys to rttTex
View 2.4.25   Compositor
View 2.4.26   CompositorLogic Framework
View 2.4.27   Loading Image from Disk
View 2.4.28   Create outline around a character
View 2.5   Particles
View 2.5.1   ParticleExampleSun
View 2.5.2   Moving Space Dust Effect
View 2.5.3   InterpolationAffector
View 2.5.4   IteratedFractal
View 2.5.5   Heat Shimmer Manager
View 2.5.6   ParticleSmoke
View 2.5.7   MeshEmitter
View 2.5.8   Explosion
View 2.6   Shaders
View 2.6.1   ShaderIntroduction
View 2.6.2   Getting Started With Ogre CG Materials
View 2.6.3   How To Compile CG Files
View 2.6.4   Orange Shader
View 2.6.5   Fading Object Shader
View 2.6.6   Holographe Shader
View 2.6.7   JaJDoo Shader Guide
View   JaJDoo Shader Guide - Part 1 - The Basics
View   Introduction - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   Basics - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   Red Ring Of Death - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   Submit captain - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   OGRE SMASH - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   I See Dead Kittehs.. part 1 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   I See Dead Kittehs.. part 2 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   White Phong part 1 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   White Phong part 2 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   White Phong part 3 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   Standing Strait part 1 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   Standing Strait part 2 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   Brain Damage part 1 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   Brain Damage part 2 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   Standing Strait part 1 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics
View   test menu
View 2.6.8   PerPixel Lighting
View 2.6.9   PerPixel Lighting II
View 2.6.10   PerPixel Lighting With Offset(Parallax) Mapping
View 2.6.11   The Monster
View   All-In-Wonder-cg
View   All-In-Wonder-material
View 2.6.12   Monster oFusion
View   Monster-program
View   Monster-source
View 2.6.13   The Monster v2
View   Monster-2-program
View   Monster-2-material
View   Monster-2-cg
View 2.6.14   Normal AO Specular Mapping Shader
View 2.6.15   Shadows
View 2.6.16   Depth Shadow Mapping
View 2.6.17   Custom Shadow Mapping
View 2.6.18   Parallel Split Shadow Mapping
View 2.6.19   Offset Bump Ambient Lightmap
View 2.6.20   OceanFog
View 2.6.21   Volumetric LightShafts
View 2.6.22   Smoke Trails
View 2.6.23   Terrain Alpha Splatting
View   Terrain Alphasplat Material
View   Terrain Alphasplat Program
View   Terrain Alphasplat Shader
View   Terrain Alphasplat Terrain Configuration File
View 2.6.24   Screen Space Effects
View 2.6.25   HLSL
View 2.6.26   Glow
View 2.6.27   Normal Mapping with Hardware Skinning and Specular
View 2.6.28   GlowBalloon CG Shader
View 2.6.29   Enhanced CelShading
View   CelShading.material
View   CelShading.program
View   Outline.material
View   Outline.program
View 2.6.30   Accurate per-pixel sphere mapping with normal map influence
View 2.6.31   Accurate per-pixel cube mapping with normal map influence
View 2.6.32   Your First Direct3D11 Shader
View 2.6.33   Animated Particle (HLSL)
View 2.6.34   Random Particle Texture (HLSL)
View 2.6.35   Shader Model 2 Glass
View 2.6.36   Shader Model 2 Plastic
View 2.6.37   Atmosphere Shader
View 2.6.38   Shader Model 2 Stone
View 2.6.39   SM 2 Multi Channel Figure Shader
View 2.6.40   Shader Model 2 Diffuse/Normal/Specular/Alpha with Hardware Skinning
View 2.6.41   Velvet X-ray Shader
View 2.6.42   RasterTek Fire Shader
View 2.7   RasterTek Fire Shader
View 2.8   Animation and Movement
View 2.8.1   RotateYawOnly
View 2.8.2   ManuallyControllingBones
View 2.8.3   Creating a simple first-person camera system
View 2.8.4   3rd person camera system tutorial
View 2.8.5   Simple 3rd person camera
View 2.8.6   How to limit the pitch of a camera
View 2.8.7   Generic Manual Pose Loading
View 2.8.8   Make A Character Look At The Camera
View 2.8.9   Euler Angle Class
View   Euler Angle Class C#
View   Euler Angle Class Mogre
View 2.8.10   How to drive a car
View 2.8.11   Controlling car on twisted track
View 2.8.12   AnimationBlender
View 2.8.13   Morph animation
View 2.8.14   Camcorder
View   Camcorder-h
View   Camcorder-cpp
View 2.8.15   AnimationSerializer
View   AnimationSerializer-h
View   AnimationSerializer-cpp
View 2.9   Input Snippets
View 2.9.1   Head Tracking using the WiiMote
View 2.9.2   Show System Cursor using OIS
View 2.9.3   Selection Buffer
View 2.9.4   ThreeDeeObjectPicking
View 2.9.5   KeyboardTranslator
View 2.9.6   GII
View 2.9.7   Pick Drag Drop
View 2.9.8   Simple keyboard string editing
View 2.9.9   Auto Repeat Key Input
View 2.9.10   Using SDL Input
View 2.10   GUI Snippets
View 2.10.1   CEGUI Snippets
View   CEGUICommonFileDialog
View   File dialog code CEGUICommonFileDialog.cpp
View   File dialog code CEGUICommonFileDialog.cpp for Linux
View   File dialog code CEGUICommonFileDialog.h
View   File dialog code CEGUICommonFileDialog.h for Linux
View   File dialog code CEGUIHashMapTemplates.h
View   File dialog code CEGUIHashMapTemplates.h for Linux
View   File dialog code CEGUISingletonX.h
View   File dialog code CEGUISingletonX.h for Linux
View   File dialog code CommonFileDialog.layout
View   File dialog code ogregui2.layout
View   File dialog demo code Demo Gui2 for Linux.cpp
View   File dialog demo code Demo Gui2.cpp
View   Initial Mouse Position With OIS and CEGUI
View   CEGUIBuildDialog
View   File DialogBuild.cpp
View   File DialogBuild.h
View   File DialogBuild.layout
View   How To Show The Mouse Cursor
View   Creating a good looking Confirm Dialog with CEGUI
View   Update Ogre source code with latest Cegui source code
View   Building CEGUI
View 2.10.2   GUI Toolkits
View   wxWidgets
View   WxOgre
View   WxOgre for OGRE v1.2
View   WxOgre for OGRE v1.4
View   WxOgreRenderWindow for Eihort
View   WxOgreView
View   Embedding OGRE in wxWidgets 2.8
View   Qt
View   QtOgre
View   Ogre overlays using Qt
View   Integrating Ogre into QT5
View   Using Ogre with FLTK
View   Using Ogre with FLTK FLUID
View   GtkmmOgre
View   GtkOgre
View 2.10.3   Creating Overlays via Code
View 2.10.4   PieSliceOverlay
View 2.10.5   Ogre Line Chart
View 2.10.6   How to show the mouse cursor without CEGUI
View 2.10.7   Simple Text Output
View 2.10.8   Scrolling Message
View 2.10.9   OgreFontHelper
View 2.10.10   Reading a Unicode Multi Language Translation Table
View 2.10.11   RenderTTFFontToTexture
View 2.10.12   Mouse Cursor without using a GUI Toolkit for 1.4.4 (Eihort)
View 2.10.13   Integrating OpenGUI
View 2.10.14   Simple text
View 2.10.15   Using A Cocoa Window
View 2.10.16   Minimal Berkelium Integration
View 2.10.17   Rectangle2D as Player GUI Feedback for Game
View 2.11   Sound and Multimedia
View 2.11.1   FMOD SoundManager
View   File SoundManager.h
View   File SoundManager.cpp
View   File SoundMgrSample.cpp
View 2.11.2   DirectShow video in ogre texture
View 2.11.3   OpenAl Soundmanager
View   OpenAl SoundManager, dll version
View 2.11.4   Using GStreamer with Ogre
View 2.11.5   Another FMOD SoundManager
View 2.12   Physics Snippets
View 2.12.1   BulletMeshStrider
View 2.12.2   BulletDebugDrawer
View 2.12.3   GettingStartedWithOde
View 2.12.4   ODE Simulation Stability
View 2.12.5   Collision detection with Newton
View 2.12.6   BulletSharpDebugDrawer
View 2.13   Shader Model 2 Glass Shader
View 2.14   System
View 2.14.1   Minimal Ogre projects
View   Project base
View   MinimalApplication
View   Hello World with minimal Ogre init
View   MinimalPracticalApplication
View   One Function Ogre
View   Simple Win32 Program
View   Ogre32.cpp
View 2.14.2   Timer
View   TimerManager
View   Assaf Muller's Timer Manager
View   Timer class with queued callbacks
View 2.14.3   Logging
View   DumpingNodeTree
View   HTMLLogRenderer
View 2.14.4   Console
View   ConsoleCode
View   OgreConsole
View   LuaConsole
View 2.14.5   OS tricks
View   Change of a icon and caption of the Application
View   Custom Icon and Cursor
View   GetExecutablePath
View   ProjectPaths
View   LinuxDrivers
View   Linux Material Scripts Parsing
View   DetectAC
View   Simple Linux Compiler Tool
View   iOS Input via UIView
View 2.14.6   Scene manager
View   ChangeSceneManagerRunTime
View 2.14.7   Render system
View   SafelyLoadingRenderSystems
View   FlushGPUBuffer
View 2.14.8   LoadingMeshesWithoutOgre
View 2.14.9   Loading Animations without a RenderSystem
View 2.14.10   Creating A Plugin DLL
View 2.14.11   Loading Meshes From Any Path
View 2.14.12   Ogre on a Cluster
View 2.14.13   Hardware Occlusion Query
View 2.14.14   Video Setting Manager
View 2.14.15   Loading skeletons from any path
View 2.15   AI
View 2.15.1   AI Agent Control
View 2.16   Miscellaneous
View 2.16.1   OogstsHowTo
View 2.16.2   OogstsHowTo2
View 2.16.3   Easy debug text
View 2.16.4   High resolution screenshots
View 2.16.5   Printf with ogre
View 2.16.6   DotScene Loader with User Data
View 2.16.7   DotScene Loader with User Data Class
View 2.16.8   New DotScene Loader
View   New DotSceneLoader header
View   New DotSceneLoader source
View 2.16.9   RapidXML Dotscene Loader
View   RapidXML Dotsceneloader-h
View   RapidXML Dotsceneloader-cpp
View   RapidXML Dotsceneloader Sample Scene
View 2.16.10   Frustum Culling In Object Space
View 2.16.11   HowTo: Write text on texture
View 2.16.12   All-purpose script parser
View 2.16.13   Query Ogre Version
View 2.16.14   Ogre Compatible HeightMap
View 2.16.15   TinyXMLResource
View   TinyXMLResource h
View   TinyXMLResource cpp
View   TinyXMLResourceManager h
View   TinyXMLResourceManager cpp
View 2.16.16   OgreProfiler
View 2.16.17   SDK Hack
View 2.16.18   Callstack trace through OgreException out of IDE (for windows only)
View 2.16.19   ConvertVS2003toVS2002
View 2.16.20   Premake
View 2.16.21   Notepad Highlighter
View 2.16.22   Programmers Notepad 2 Highlighter
View 2.16.23   Getting Surface Normals for Ogre 1.7 terrain
View 2.16.24   Multiple Entities With A For Loop
View 2.16.25   Colour Gradient
View 2.16.26   Simple config text parser
View 2.16.27   Name Generator
View 2.17   Scripting
View 2.17.1   Scripting with LuaBind in Ogre
View 2.17.2   Squirrel Scripting Language
View 2.17.3   ScriptFX
View 2.18   External Snippets
View 2.19   Networking
View 2.19.1   Using OgreSocks with Ogre
View 2.19.2   OpenTNL
View 3   New Minimal Ogre Collision
View 4   Creating a simple first-person camera system
View 5   Creating a simple first-person camera system
View 6   Multiple Light Terrain
View 7   Show System Cursor with OIS
View 8   Simple text in MOGRE
View 9   Application Design
View 9.1   Architecture and Design in Games
View 9.2   Prefer Composition Over Inheritance
View 9.3   Managing Game States with OGRE
View 9.4   Game State Manager
View 9.5   RTS Sample App
View 9.6   Optimisation checklist
View 9.7   Game Object Oriented Framework
View 9.7.1   Game Object Oriented Framework Installation
View 9.8   Threading
View 10   Experiences
View 10.1   Experiences:Tibor
View 10.2   Experiences:LOCV
View 10.3   Experiences:World Under Siege
View 11   OgreArticles
View 11.1   Non-Photorealistic Rendering
View 11.1.1   Edge techniques
View 11.1.2   Artistic media overlay
View 11.2   NestedTransparentSurfaces
View 11.3   Coding and Design philosophy
View 11.4   Ogre Mac
View 11.4.1   MacCommonErrors
View 11.4.2   MacDotScene
View 11.4.3   MacLibrary
View 11.4.4   MacXMLConverter
View 11.5   Intel article "How to optimize Ogre applications using Intels VTune using SIMD and Multi threading
View 11.6   OgreStereoVisionProblems
View 11.7   Prototype steps of GUI development
View 11.8   Binary Script Format Plugin
View 11.9   Script Cache Plugin
View 12   Articles And Sources
View 13   DotScene
View 13.1   DotSceneFormat
View 14   SceneManagersFAQ
View 14.1   Terrain Scene Manager
View 14.2   Portal Connected Zone Scene Manager
View 14.3   Ogre Terrain System
View 15   TOC Cookbook