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noteBlender 2.5+ Exporter
This exporter is meant for Blender 2.49b, this page is still here for legacy reasons. For newer versions (Blender 2.5x, 2.6x and 2.7x) please check the page Blender 2.5 Exporter.

Author: Michael Reimpell (Maintainer: Lih-Hern Pang)
Project: OGRE Main Project (BlenderExport)
Type: Python Script
Documentation: Help page(external link)
Sources: OGRE SVN(external link)
Download: Get from forum link - OGRE Forum Thread(external link)
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forum Thread(external link)

The script OGRE Meshes Exporter converts meshes and armatures from Blender to OGRE file format XML / binary mesh / material file). It supports the export of

  • mesh objects with vertex colours, multiple materials, UV textures and blend modes,
  • a multitude of material properties, most notably: ambient, diffuse, specular, emissive, UV textures with and without alpha channel, vertex colours, normal maps, two sided faces,
  • keyframe animations of armature actions as skeleton animations,
  • keyframe animations of relative mesh shapes as pose or morph animations.



  • Download(external link) + install Blender
  • Download and integrate the Blender Exporter. (zip(external link) | SVN(external link))
  • Copy and subfolders to the path ...\blender\.blender\scripts.
    • Note: .blender for Blender 2.49b (latest stable) on Windows 7 is located in C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts
  • Install Python. This is not needed for Blender itself, but for the exporter script. Choose the same Python version(external link) that is used as Base for your Blender version (you'll see it when you start Blender).


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Alias: OGRE Meshes Exporter
Alias: OGRE_Meshes_Exporter
Alias: Blender_Exporter

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