Development Procedures         Here you'll find some general information about being an OGRE developer

General development procedures

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Ogre development procedures

This is how Sinbad describes in 2010 the development process of Ogre3D (quoted from ogre3d forums):

Sinbad wrote:
In practice, what happens even now is this:
* Developer X has a need / desire to add a major feature or make a key change.
* X proposes it to the community, gets feedback & iterates
* X leads the implementation, doing the majority of the main work but with help for platform portability, bugs they missed, etc
* Over time X is considered the 'owner' of this feature and gets consulted on changes to it out of courtesy and for reference, but broadly the whole team and community hack on it incrementally
* At all times, everyone is working within our established design and coding patterns to ensure consistency, platform compatibility, etc

Here you'll find some general information about being an OGRE developer.


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