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See also: Object manipulation with Gizmo (Wikipedia)(external link)

Object manipulation with Gizmo



This snipped shows how to create an editor manager which holds a Gizmo for object manipulation.


The Gizmo can be changed to the following modes:

  1. Translate-Gizmo
  2. Rotate-Gizmo
  3. Scale-Gizmo

Its possible to translate objects along a given direction depending which gizmo arrow has been pressed. The rotation is done via rings. The use can grab a ring and rotate. The selected object will be rotated and a progress-bar will be shown within the ring. Its also possible to translate/rotate Objects in a grid.
The scale of objects does work but the unite-scale not so far.

Some snippets within the code are orientated at other snippets from the Ogre-site and Ogitor.

Note: The code will not work out of the box. The selection code has been uncommented, because it was part of my NOWA-Engine and not compatible with ogre. But there are other tutorial which are dealing with selection of scene nodes.
In the code snippets there are some notes, in what way the editor manager can be extended.
It may also be, that there are some syntax errors, because this code has part of my Engine and was adapted, so that it could run just with ogre. I apolgize for that.

I hope someone can use the code biggrin

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