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Projects Using OGRE
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Link Description
Skyscraper(external link) 3D building simulator. (GPL)
Stunt Rally(external link) A racing game with jumps, loops, and pipes. (GPL)
Venetica(external link) A role-playing game (2009), YouTube trailer(external link)
Opendungeons(external link) Modern god game loosly based on Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius series. (2008-2012) (GPL)
Blocks - The Devilish Delivery Game(external link) Blocks is an innovative physics-based platform racer that requires a firm grasp on physics and supreme dexterity. (2010) Trailer on YouTube(external link)
OpenMW (external link) OpenMW is a new and modern engine based on the one that runs the 2002 open-world RPG Morrowind.
Black Sails - Das Geisterschiff(external link) Mystery adventure on a ghost galleon (2010), YouTube trailer(external link)
Alliance: The Silent War(external link) Historic FPS dated in the contemporary period since WWI. Does not use the Ogre3d anymore .
Ankh(external link) Point-and-click adventure set in ancient Egypt
Ember(external link) A client for the Worldforge project. GPL.
Fate of the World(external link) Strategy game with real-world data and climate model
Kenshi(external link) Free roaming squad-based RPG
Jetstream(external link) Top down shoot-em-up
Legend of Crystal Valley(external link) 2.5D Point-and-click adventure game. See Experiences:LOCV
Mulver(external link) Cartoon themed 3D Platform game
Heavy Hogur(external link) A Puzzle game where you control a somewhat overweight Dwarf
MUD TV(external link) Be the manager of a TV station; commercial game; written in C# by Mogre; 2010
Pacific Storm(external link) A global RTS, tactical war-game and an air simulator, all in one
Pseudoform(external link) Advanced puzzle game with portals and time alteration features (open source)
Rigs Of Rods(external link) Highly advanced Node/Beam all in one vehicle simulation. (GPL)
Salvation Prophecy(external link) Mixes space and ground combat in large battlegrounds. (proprietary)
Snakeworlds(external link) Play the famous game classic, but now on spheres / globes! *Released* on 4/3/09.
Stunt Playground(external link) 3D driving and scene editing with powerful physics, replays, etc
Supremacy: Four Paths To Power(external link) 4X Turn Based Strategy in space.
Tibor: Tale of a Kind Vampire(external link) A classic platform game. See Experiences:Tibor
Tile Racer(external link) A freeware stunt racing game.
ThunderWheels(external link) Top-down perspective racing game, Super Off Road-inspired.
Torchlight(external link) "Torchlight is an action role-playing game developed by Runic Games, released for Windows in October 2009." (from: wiki(external link))
Walaber's Trampoline(external link) Trampoline simulation WIP with realistic trampoline physics and ragdoll crashes!
Billiards Complete(external link) billiards game
The Book of Unwritten Tales(external link) a classic 2.5D adventure game from KingART with an impressive art style and very tight integration of 3D elements with the pre-rendered art
Zombie Driver(external link) A top view car game with the aim to kill as many zombies as fast as possible by either driving over them or hitting with one of the various weapons
Ceville(external link) A point & click adventure game (Uses the Mogre wrapper and is developed with .NET)
Druid(external link) A fantasy 3D first-person game meant to be played freely in WAN, LAN and localhost.
Arachnophobia(external link) Arachnophobia is a tactical game inspired by old board games like Space Hulk in which you lead a squad in charge of infiltrate warehouses full of giant spiders in order to accomplish some missions.
Wild Run: Savannah(external link) Help zebra to avoid lion's teeths in their savannah race for survival! iOS Game.
Escape from Toxic Swamps 3D(external link) Help Frogling to find a way from hazardous places to the clear swamp! iOS Game.
Void Destroyer(external link) Space sim and first-person RTS hybrid. (proprietary)


Scientific Applications

Link Description
Kinapsys(external link) It is a system that provides the overall management of the patient in the context of a functional rehabilitation through fun exercises specifically developed for therapeutic purposes.
Anomalous Medical(external link) 3D anatomy simulation
CViewVR(external link) A visualization environment with sonar sensor simulation for underwater vehicles which are navigated by external behavior simulators. It's aim is to support the development and validation of control systems for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), which are used for seabed measurement, pipeline inspection, reservoir inspection, etc.
Vidusayura Ship Simulator(external link) Virtual Learning and Training Environment of Maritime Education (Collaborative effort of Sri Lanka Navy and University of Colombo School of Computing). For details look to this forum topic(external link), that second forum topic(external link) and the official blog(external link).
VirCA(external link) The Virtual Collaboration Arena (VirCA) framework is a pilot virtual collaboration system of the Future Internet

Engines, Frameworks, and Plugins

Link Description
OgreOggSound(external link) wrapper around OpenAL to quickly add 2D/3D audio to applications. (MIT)
OGE - Open Game Engine(external link) Open-Source cross-platform game engine for multi-genre, multi-threaded, C++, Object/Component design, editor (material, level,...), dual license (LGPL, commercial)
gamekit(external link) A cross-platform 3D game engine using Ogre or Irrlicht and Bullet for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone. (MIT)
llcoi(external link) low level C Ogre interface. (MIT)
Ogitor(external link) Scenebuilder for Ogre, with terrain editing, plugin based. (MIT)
Particle Universe(external link) Particle system plugin, with more features and possibilities than Ogre's build-in particle plugin.
Caelum An easy-to-use sky and atmosphere plug-in/library for Ogre.
OpenSpace3D(external link) OpenSpace3D is an Open Source platform for the development of real time and interactive 3D project, writed in SCOL, and using Ogre as renderer. OpenSpace3D allows you to create full applications by assembling functions without programming. This platform is currently in active development. (LGPL)
GUCE(external link) cross-platform engine, LGPL generic engine, build ontop of GUCEF and Ogre.
GUCEF(external link) cross-platform framework, LGPL license, used by the GUCE engine which uses Ogre. Aims to provide complete O/S abstraction with easy to use well-designed OO facilities. It has no dependencies of its own. Fully extensible and plugable.
NeoAxis Game Engine(external link) is an all-purpose, modern 3D graphics engine for 3D simulations, visualizations and games. Includes many editors for scenes, physics, materials, particles etc. Uses C# for scripting. Non-commerical free licence as well as commerical licences available. Windows, Mac OS X supported.
Skyline(external link) Skyline Game-Development Engine
Imperial GDK(external link) Imperial Game Engine, AAA class game engine for NextGen 3D games of all genres. Free for noncommercial using, and low cost commercial license, or sales precentage license, or license for poor developers, by personal dialogue.


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