RapidXML Dotscene Loader         Dotscene loader using RapidXML

Image This is a dotscene loader based on RapidXML.


This dotscene loader is based on New DotScene Loader but uses RapidXML instead of TinyXML.
It also implements a simple Ogre terrain loader.

RapidXML is very similar to TinyXML in use, but it's only a single header - and thus extremely lightweight.

Info If you have questions, etc, use this forum topic(external link).


Tip_icon.png The code is currently not as generic as it could be, as the loader class is fished directly out of the Ogitor repository. It will be cleaned up and fixed later - most probably as a separate project.




The Code

An up-to-date version lives in the Ogitor repository:
http://hg.ogitor.org/v0-4(external link)

Sample Use

Add the two files above to your project, along with rapidxml.hpp, and then it's just a matter of calling parseDotScene:

DotSceneLoader loader;
   loader.parseDotScene("SampleScene2.xml","General", mSceneMgr);

Info The loader assumes that the scene is in your Ogre resource locations.

That's it.

The loader will be refactored soon, so stay tuned.
One of the things which will be refactored is the fact that it currently constructs and manages a terrain instance.

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