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Basic Tutorials This is where you should start learning Ogre. These tutorials assume you have no previous experience except knowledge of c++ and how to set up an Ogre project. If you need help with the set up, then read Setting Up An Application.

Mad Marx Tutorials Tutorial series for Ogre 1.7.x using a minimal NeHe-like style with lots of code comments. Companion website: so3dtools/(external link)

External Tutorials Ogre tutorials hosted outside the Wiki. Artis' Tutorial Pack ARTIS(external link) is a team of the GRAVIR(external link) - IMAG(external link) research lab. They released some tutorials(external link) which show Ogre from the research-side. If you want to use Ogre as a platform for their research in Computer Graphics or these tutorials seem interesting to you - check it out! Introduction - Installing Ogre(external link) Tutorial1 - Displaying and manipulating a scene(external link) Tutorial2 - Using Ogre's facilities for debugging(external link) Tutorial3 - Assembling a nice scene(external link) Tutorial4 - Rendering your own stuff(external link)

Older Tutorials These tutorials have been around for ages, and some of them may still work. These have caused problems before when they fall out of date with the current Ogre release. Feel free to give these tutorials a try, and post in the Ogre Help Forum(external link) if you run into difficulty. Or take some time and update them! Humble Beginnings: Your first OGRE application Lights, Camera, Action!: Using controllers and billboardsets Raven's CEGUI Tutorial: A CEGUI Tutorial

Intermediate Tutorials These tutorials cover some specific aspects of using Ogre at an intermediate level. You must already know how to compile a new Ogre project and set up all of the resources. Knowledge from the Basic Tutorial series is also required.

In Depth Tutorials These basic tutorials go further in depth into the specifics of a topic, and may not present a complete application from start to end as many of the other tutorials do. These are where you should go when you are more interested in a single topic.

Ready for more?
If you are over the level of the Intermediate Tutorials, check out the Cookbook, for snippets, code examples and articles about using Ogre.

Digital Content Creation
Check out these artist tutorials on the DCC Tutorials page.

See also
Ogre Manual(external link): The OGRE Manual:
PyOgre Tutorials: Ogre with Python
OgreDotNet Tutorials: Ogre with the .Net languages
MOGRE Tutorials: Basic level tutorials for MOGRE, an advanced .NET wrapper for OGRE
Recommended reading: OGRE Team and Users recommended programming-related books.

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