Since two weeks, we have now started our “papercut” initiative to quickly improve the Ogre code base before the release of Ogre 1.8 (Byatis). First community members have already participated and we are hoping for more to come.

If you haven’t heard about the initiative yet, here is a quote from the introductory thread in the newly created forum section dedicated to the papercuts:

What is a papercut?

A papercut is a minor issue with the Ogre API, like a missing function that you were expecting, an inconsistently named function, misleading or incorrect documentation, etc. Basically anything that slightly annoyed you at the time you had to figure it out, but not such a major issue that it kept you from doing what you wanted to do. A papercut should be trivial to fix.

Reporting papercuts

Please report any papercut you encountered in our bugtracker. Create a new report and prefix the title with “[Papercut]”. If you feel there is need for a discussion about a proposed change, then open a thread in this forum and link to the corresponding report in the tracker.

Resolving papercuts

We want to get rid of as many papercuts as possible for the next major Ogre release (Byatis 1.8). As such, we will try to regularly squash any reported papercuts in batches. Your report is immensely helpful, as it makes us aware of the issue and also documents it in a place where it’s easy to find and doesn’t get lost.

So in case you come across any of these little annoying things that you always wanted to get changed, this is the time to make your voice heard! Use it and help us to help you 😉 .

As usual direct patches are welcome very welcome, but a simple bug tracker item is already a very good start too!