It has been a while since our last news summary post…sorry for that. But on the bright side: It makes this one a lot bigger than usual, so enjoy!

  • first version of Bloom editor, a 3D text editor was showcased
  • showed some impressions from their Emote Messaging System, that can be used to created individual, animated short messages to share with friends
  • early screenshots from the platform game Bombs&Penguins were released
  • beta pictures of the ambitous game Battle Tiers Invasion were shared
  • the Ogre AntTweakBar plugin TwOgre was updated to work with Linux
  • metaldev updated his GUI library buttonGUI as well has as his LFA Scene Manager
  • updated version of the game GraLL2 was published
  • Lightwave to Ogre exporter was updated by spacegaier to work with LW 9.6 and LW 10
  • teaser video of Will of Nature, a really nice school project from the Netherlands, was released
  • first ingame footage from the German MMORPG Espadon Online was published
  • NeoAxis game engine reached their 1.0 milestone
  • Oogst finally released his long awaited game Proun, that got a great deal of buzz on the internet – dedicated post with some additional information will follow soon

In addition, there is a lot of progress with our four Google Summer of Code projects. Check the out in this subforum.

And the breaking news is: The highly acclaimed Ogre based game Torchlight went platinum as they sold more than 1 million copies. Congratulations!