Yet another commercial game using Ogre3D as the rendering engine was released this autumn. Check out these extracts and screenshots from the official press release we received:

This year was one of success for JetDogs Studios. One of the new creations of the company is an inimitable game with an exciting title “Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends”. The action of the fascinating story proceeds in the old mysterious Prague whose secrets are to be discovered by an orphan named Eva – the main character of the storyline.

The special mystic atmosphere was created thanks to the graphical platform OGRE 3D. Using this advanced technology, the developers succeeded to create many different fine details. Pre-rendered cube-maps of extremely high quality are the basis for environments with full 3D elements. All the characters of the game are also in full 3D that makes scenes and actions completely realistic.

Each location of “Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends” represents a world that is very close to the perfectness from the viewpoint of the game graphics and this fact plays a huge role for make the players feel the general sense and the game spirit. No doubt, the devotees of OGRE 3D will catch fancy playing the game and experiencing the thrilling adventures together with Eva.

“Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends” is a game of the hidden objects genre, which has an intriguing plot with many twists.

The gamers will be joining a young and pretty orphan named Eva on her trip to the very heart of Bohemia – the glorious and mysterious town of Prague. Eva arrives in Prague having an only target – to come into an inheritance from her relative, which died under mysterious circumstances. But having arrived in Prague, Eva starts looking for answers to the torturing questions about her origin, her past and her family that provokes a number of new questions, puzzles and challenges to be solved. Hour after hour, Eva’s staying in Prague makes the situation more and more strained. She faces some ghosts in the deserted house, discloses the band of black magicians aiming to destroy the entire world by means of a golem and, to crown it all, finds out the truth of her descendance from one of the Holy Roman Emperors. Among other things, Eva also finds in this ancient town her true love in the person of a grandson of the shopkeeper.

Link to the game at bigfishgames

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