Currently Active Development Team Members
Day-to-day Ogre handling.

Matias ‘dark_sylinc’ Goldberg
dark_sylincTeam Role: Ogre 2.x maintainer
Location: Mar del Plata, Argentina
About: Matias has been a self-taught programmer since age 14. He’s about to graduate as a Public Accountant, which left him knowledge about the economic & business side of the industry, while still being taught as part of the standard degree program, relevant courses to 3D programming like Statistics, Conics & Calculus. He works as a freelancer and 3D consultant while bootstrapping a new startup. He enjoys sharing his work and has extensively worked to expand Ogre in his free time, such as his work on Instancing Manager, Depth Sharing, and Ogre Meshy.
Eugene Golushkov
eugene_gffTeam Role: OSX & DX11 maintainer for 1.x
Location: Ukraine
About: Eugene joined the team beginning of 2016, primarily as our new DX11 maintainer. He has a masters degree in applied mathematics and is working for BeLight Software since 2008 on a commercial, cross-platform application named “Live Interior 3D” using Ogre on both Mac and Windows 8.
Pavel ‘paroj’ Rojtberg
ogre3d_mascotTeam Role: Ogre 1.x maintainer
Location: Germany
Contact: | Blog
About: Pavel joined the team beginning of 2017. He likes visual computing and believes in open source.
Dave ‘masterfalcon’ Rogers
masterfalcon Team Role: Jenkins CI Administration
Location: Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
About: Dave joined the team in July 2009 after porting Ogre to the iPhone because he was bored late at night. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and has been developing for Mac OS in one way or another since his Apple II GS.
Murat ‘Wolfmanfx’ Sari
wolfmanfxTeam Role: Website Administration, Previous Ogre 1.X, Android, HLMS, RTSS maintainer / creator
Location: Leoben, Austria
Contact: | Company
About: Murat has a B.Sc in Software Engineering and a Master in Computer Graphics and has been working with OGRE since 2005. He started programming 16 years ago on TI-92 (Basic) and did his first game on it. His primary work since university involved data visualization with real time sensor data but at night he does open source programming – because he loves to share. At present he is working as a freelance general purpose application/game programmer and also taught a “Game Programming” course with OGRE this year. In  July 2012, Murat then joined as the Android port maintainer.
Philip ‘spacegaier’ Allgaier
spacegaierTeam Role: Public Relations, Finances, Administration
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Contact: | Company
About: Philip started as a simple Ogre user back in 2008, progressed through the ranks of Ogre wiki admin and an official “Community Helper” and finally joined the Ogre moderator and development team in 2010. At the same time, he also took over all public relations tasks such as regularly updating the website and twitter account with announcements and Ogre-related news, creating and running the “Ogre User Survey”, monitoring as well as dealing with all external inquires as a central point of contact. Additionally, he also provides the occasional patch/commit along with organizing and overseeing the financial / donation aspect of Ogre.
Assaf Raman
Assaf Raman Team Role:
Location: TLV, Israel
About: Assaf joined the team in March 2008, and is the primary Dx10 maintainer. He has a master’s degree in computer science, has been writing code for over two decades and is currently the computer graphics R&D lead of the international SimiGon group. Assaf started his interest with computer graphics from his role at work and found OGRE to be a good base to test ideas on, after a while he decided that the best place to see the game is from the field itself and not from the benches – and joined the team.

Retired Team Members
Previous members of the Ogre team – you might still see them around!

Steve ‘sinbad’ Streeting
Steve Streeting Team Role: Founder, Project Lead, Programmer
Location: Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK
Contact: | Development Tweets | Blog | Company
About: Steve started the engine now known as OGRE in 2000, after having had the crazy idea of creating a well designed, scene-structure independent engine. Steve was the ‘benign dictator’ on the OGRE project for 10 years until April 2010, at which point he retired for health reasons and is now a more occasional contributor. Steve has a long history in graphics coding going back to the early 90’s as well as having more than 15 years of more ‘traditional’ professional software development experience under his belt.
Jan ‘TheSHEEEP’ Drabner
Team Role: MinGW Maintainer
Location: Berlin, Germany
About: Jan currently works as a Technical Director at a message entertainment company in Berlin, programming mainly in C/C++ and ActionScript 3. He came into first contact with Ogre during his apprenticeship of Game Design and 3D Programming at the Games Academy and felt comfortable with the engine and the community, so he stayed and followed the further development of the engine. When he also started using Ogre at his job, he decided that it was about time to do something for the community and joined the team in July 2012 as MinGW maintainer.
Jim ‘jbuck’ Buck
jim Team Role: Programmer, Console Lead
Location: San Diego, California, USA
About: Jim has been programming in the video games industry since 1996, starting as an employee at Sony and shipping well-known PlayStation franchises such as Twisted Metal and GameDay. His own company, Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment, does contract development, especially in the areas of graphics and porting on most platforms, particularly on consoles, handheld devices, and anyplace where OpenGL has a home. It’s these areas where he feels he can make a contribution as part of the OGRE team.
Holger ‘CABAListic’ Frydrych
holger Team Role: Programmer, Linux Maintainer
Location: Darmstadt, Germany
About: Although Holger is pursuing a master’s degree in physics, he has been programming as a hobby since childhood. It was inevitable that his path would cross 3D games programming and, consequentially, Ogre. After two years of familiarising himself with the engine and working on private projects as well as a public Ogre addon library, he contributed the basis of the new CMake build system. Holger joined the team in March 2009 as CMake and Linux maintainer. He retired beginning of 2013.
Mattan Furst
Mattan Furst Team Role: Programmer, General code maintainer
Location: TLV, Israel
About: Mattan joined the team in July 2011. He has a master’s degree in computer science. After playing computer games for many years as a child, Mattan was inspired to seek his fortune in the field of computer graphic. He currently works as a senior programmer in the international SimiGon group, part of the team building the company’s 3D engine. Mattan contributes his time in Ogre as a general code maintainer.
Noam ‘Noman’ Gat
masterfalcon Team Role: Programmer, geometry shaders and compositor guru
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
About: Noam joined the team in 2009 after contributing to Ogre in Google Summer of Code 2008 and 2009, adding geometry shader support and improving the compositor framework to allow for more advanced rendering pipelines. Noam has been coding professionally for 5 years and is currently studying for a computer science and cognitive science degree. After being a competitive gamer early on and a hardcore programmer as of lately, Noam found his natural place in Ogre, gearing towards game programming.
Nir Hasson
nirTeam Role: Programmer, shader generation guru
Location: Israel
About: Nir joined the team in 2010 after being in the community for some years and contributing, among other things, the RTShaderSystem component which generates shaders automatically from fixed-function definitions and other parameters. Nir has been coding professionally for over 5 years and is currently working as a 3D consultant while also bootstrapping a new startup.
Brian ‘praetor’ Johnstone
Image Team Role: Programmer, Script Guru
Location: Rochester, New York, USA
Contact: | Blog | Company
About: Brian has been programming for about 10 years, but his formal education is in the broader field of Software Engineering, which encompasses the process of software development and formalized design and architecture practices. He enjoys graphics programming and Ogre fits perfectly into his interests. His current efforts focus on Darkwind Media, which is a graphics and visualization company that he recently started with a partner.
Justin Walsh
justinportrait Team Role: Programmer, OS X maintainer
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Contact: | Blog
About: Justin Walsh joined the team in December 2006, and has found a spot on the Ogre team as the Macintosh maintainer. His contributions include, but are not limited to, universal binary support, bundle-able frameworks for OS X, the Mac SDK, and integrating Cocoa and Carbon platform support into the Macintosh port of Ogre. Justin retired from the team in 2008.
Phillip J. ‘pjcast’ Castaneda
Image Team Role: Programmer, Linux maintainer
Location: California, USA
Contact: | Blog
About: pjcast joined the team in April 2006. He has been dabbling with making games since the early nineties. He spent five years in the Navy, and when he got out, got back into programming – first dabbling with DirectX and going though many books trying to understand the beast that is DirectX. Eventually this led him to the internet to find a wrapper, and found much more than that in Ogre. pjcast has contributed to OGRE for many years, starting with the external texture source code and the video plugin in ogreaddons among others, and also runs his own open source projects such as OIS (Object-oriented Input System). pjcast retired from the team in 2008.
JianHua ‘genva’ Xie
Image Team Role: Programmer
Location: Beijing, China
About: Genva joined the team in October 2005 after contributing many high-quality patches including improvements to the shadows, perspective projection and animation systems. He has a long programming history going back to the world of Apple II, and is knowledgeable in assembler (6502, x86) and C/C++. He has at one time or another worked in system integration, database, OAS, and video techniques, and of course now spends most of his time in graphics coding. At present, he has a full-time job in game development working with OGRE. Windows + VC is his main development platform. genva retired from the team in 2007.
Wladimir J. ‘wumpus’ van der Laan
Image Team Role: Programmer
Location: Groningen, The Netherlands
About: wumpus joined the team in July 2004, among his contributions are resurrecting GTK support, and writing a direct GLX platform manager. Wumpus is currently a student in masters degree Computer Graphics & Scientific Visualisation. He has a diverse background in programming weird and wonderful things for various targets and programming languages, like writing a phone operating system in embedded ARM, creating a neural network tool running on GPU, writing a Linux kernel module for his TV card, and developing a chat server and a forum. Linux is his main development platform. He retired from the team in 2007.
Jeff ‘nfz’ Doyle
Image Team Role: Programmer
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
About: nfz joined the team in July 2005, among his contributions are GLSL support, ps1.x to atifs support in OpenGL, and enhancing the material system. He is a self taught programmer currently pursuing a second career building affordable heavy equipment operator trainers after retiring from the Canadian Navy with over 20 years of service. When not creating things in the virtual world, he likes to build experimental wingsail rigs and small wooden boats and go sailing in the real world. nfz retired from the team in 2007.
Thomas ‘temas’ Muldowney
Image Team Role: Programmer, OSX maintainer
Location: Texas, USA
About: Temas joined the project in April 2002 and wrote the initial Linux implementation, later defecting to the Mac OSX platform, for which he was maintainer for a while. He comes from a background of open-source development, and was a lead contributor to the Jabber open-source server as well as working on OGRE. temas retired from the team in 2006.
James ‘_mental_’ O’Sullivan
Image Team Role: Programmer, Linux maintainer
Location: Texas, USA
About: _mental_ joined the team in May 2003, and was Linux maintainer for a while, as well as majoring on the GL rendering subsystem, and he was responsible for many of the improvements in it. Outside of OGRE development, he is a full-time code monkey and FreeBSD/Linux advocate. _mental_retired from the team in 2006.