Please post contact information here.


22-04-2006 21:37:23

Many of us have not yet updated our forum profiles to include AIM, Yahoo, MSN, or ICQ information.

It would be truly beneficial to the entire community if we got on each other's IM lists for quick and easy contact with each other.

I personally have ElectronicBliss, DigitalCyborg, GregH, and of course Rastaman on my own IM program (I use Trillian, so it doesn't matter what you use, I can add you to my one list. :))...

I understand that some people may not want to be contacted... but if you do, please either update your forum profile, or post your contact information here.

FYI: I am no longer using Ogre or ODN... thank you. :)


23-04-2006 12:10:58

xfire: parnell... thtas all i use


28-06-2006 19:27:18

Look the buttons below :) [profile, Pm, email]