update 2006-04-23


25-04-2006 00:53:11

In this update I wrapped the Compositor stuff in Ogre. I'm Sill working on the Demo.

The project files for VC7.1 have changed, mostly post build events. I separated the swigging of the compositor classes, so in project OgreBindings swig will run twice. Once for OgreBindings.i and once for OgreBindings_Compositor.i. Both commands are under the OgreBindings.i to keep it simple, so you only need to right click and compile the one file. That means if you have VC8 you will need to manually update your project. I downloaded VC8 but have not setup my box to handle both yet, the environment variables are a prob. The quickest way to do this would be to open the vc7 project (OgreBindings.vcproj) with notepad or some text editor. Then look for where it runs swig and copy the command, remember to change the text """ to a double quote. If you want to help email me the updated VC8 project files. I don't know when I will get around to setting up VC8 properly.

Other things in the update are a few thing I found while trying to convert the Compositor demo.
-- CeguiDotNet
---- Vector3 and Vector2 renamed to CEGUIVector3 and CEGUIVector2 (name ambiguity with Math3D)
---- added typemaps to make utf8* convert to byte array (byte[]), needed for a GuiSystem constructor
---- Correction in CeguiNet/DirectedRenderer.h (not sure about)
-- GangstaNet
---- CallbackInterface_Ogre added custom function shapeFromRaw (for example DotScene static geometry)
-- OgreNet
---- ignores in OgreSceneManager.i for functions to get skybox parameters till the sub structs can be wrapped.
---- ExampleApplication
------ in Setup moved CreateEventHandler call after CreateScene to be more like the C++ example app
------ create4LineDebugOverLay changed font used to BlueHighway, TrebuchetMSBold was removed from Ogre
---- root removed ignore of _setCurrentSceneManager() for DigitalCyborg


25-04-2006 01:04:34

Hi Rasta.

I just re-swigged and recompiled the ODN stuff this weekend
(to remove the %ignore stuff that I needed to remove to convert intermediate tutorial 4)

I want to get some other stuff done with ODN this week, but if nobody else sends you the files by this weekend, I'll see what I can do :)



25-04-2006 01:06:37

Also, the next time that I recompile ODN, I'd like to get the Gangsta stuff working too.. Have you posted instructions on how all that works anywhere?


25-04-2006 01:18:19

Also, the next time that I recompile ODN, I'd like to get the Gangsta stuff working too.. Have you posted instructions on how all that works anywhere?

:) haven't done any instructions but it's not hard. Heres what you will need.

Gangsta http://sourceforge.net/projects/gangsta/.

A patch to make it compatible with Dagon. If you haven't applyed a patch befor try searching google for a windows patch applyer, or do it manyaly (hint read the patch file bottom to top that way the line numbers don't change on you).

Same build instructions realy right click the GangstaBindings.i and compile, then build the project. Refresh the GangstaNet project files and build.


25-04-2006 04:06:39

Gangsta http://sourceforge.net/projects/gangsta/

I follow that link, click the big green button which says "Download The Gangsta Wrapper"

and I get:

No File Packages Defined
This project has not yet created any file release packages



25-04-2006 04:15:04

and cvs doesn't seem to work either

i tried


still baffled...


25-04-2006 06:31:52

There are 2 moduals GangstaWrapper and Gangsta_Ogre.
I use the command line:
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gangsta co -P GangstaWrapper
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gangsta co -P Gangsta_Ogre

I just tryed and seems anonymous SF is down. :evil:


25-04-2006 11:38:30

aww if it's down how can we get your new l33t changes to odn? :)