OgreDotNet and physics


23-09-2005 13:32:23

Woohoo! Good to see this up. I much prefer the forum medium to the mailing list, easier to follow along :)

Quick update: I've dropped wrapping OgreOde due to the fact that it would cause me to integrate below my other logical code layers (i.e. down in the unmanaged code)...in looking at it, I think performance might be gained by doing so but I've decided that given my relatively small use of physics, it is not worth muddying up my design. Instead I am loading dotScene files manually through my own C# class, and I will be doing the same with XODE files. We will probably be using a modified version of the Octopi plugin for actual export since it does support XODE and dotScene export. I will be attempting to integrate in physics using the TAO.Ode wrapper.

Also, I'll be gone for the next week since I am getting married on Sunday :D I hope to come back from my honeymoon and see a lot of cool things going on here :)

Thanks, guys, for all your hard work! It truly has been a help!


24-09-2005 05:57:02

... I am loading dotScene files manually through my own C# class...

Is this the only method to load dotScene files? Would you mind sharing your class?


24-09-2005 06:13:40

Start a new thread guys, lets not have physics discussions in a welcome post :)

edit: woohoo! Learned how to split a thread :P


24-09-2005 15:37:21

I was orginally using the DotSceneManager...this allowed me to quickly load in scenes, worked like a charm. Once my class is more complete (i.e. completely loads in DotScene files...right now I'm only handling certain tags that I plan on using) I'll see about sharing what I have...it will load in my custom classes though, so I can't guarantee its usefullness. A quick look through the dot scene interface and some tutorials on using the XML DOM to read xml makes short work of it though...reading the binary format I have not done, because I don't believe current research in the subject currently shows any real benefit from using a binary format, and actually many such attempts perform worse because they don't have the countless hours of design and development that goes into the standard DOM objects.

If you DON'T intend on extending the scene file format though, you might be better off just using the DotSceneManager and loading the physics XODE file seperately. It should work just as well...I'm just aiming for more flexibility.

Rob Loach

26-09-2005 16:06:08

There's also The Tao Framework which implements direct .NET bindings to the ODE physics library (Tao.Ode). You might want to give that a try.


24-10-2005 14:59:49

maybe wrapping Walabers OgreNewt might be an easy alternative?