Intermediate Tutorial 5 for VB.NET & Wiki update!!!!


29-04-2006 15:38:18

Today, i finished my tutorial for VB.NET in Wiki. As you can see, i changed the layout a bit for OgreDotNet, to look more smoother and user friendly. I hope you like it...

I want to thanks the maker of the Intermediate Tutorial 5 for C# language, it was great fun to convert it to VB.NET. And ofcourse the people who helped me ;)

Here's the link to the updated wiki page:

and here's the link to my tutorial: ... Tutorial_5

By the way, i created a new page for the C# version of tutorial 5, so it would fit in the layout of the other tutorials. It's an exact copy of the original.

Best Regards,
Lennard Fonteijn

ps. My tutorial does have some issues with the Codeblocks, if someone could fix them up please.

I chanced the DotNet frontpage a little more:

Added Toolbox section
Added Links section
Remove useless blank lines
Edited links (added a Linux Install page, still TODO)
Edited the Code Snippets concept.
Every section (which contains code), is seperated in VB.NET and C#
Added a 'Link' image (link of Zelda :P)
Added a Toolbox image
Created a new Oldbook image - Changed the transparancy (which became purple) to white, so it fits more in the page design.
Removed (commented out) the Categories linker on the bottom of the page.
Added a Special Links section to the frontpage of Ogre Wiki, which contaisn a quick link to the OgreDotNet Frontpage (since there isnt a link in the main menu).


29-04-2006 17:49:26

Looks good.

I like the new sections.

But, I don't think that we can use the Zelda guy in any way. I'm pretty sure that it's a copyrighted image and that we can't use it without permission or license. I've temporarily removed it.


29-04-2006 18:25:50

I don't know if it was copyrighte (i though it was a released image like wallpapers). But i replaced it with a ClipArt image which fits more with the other images.

Update the Link image to a more suitable one
RastaMan added some images to the free toolbox


29-04-2006 18:41:23

looking good.

RastaMan added some images to the free toolbox
I did what ?


29-04-2006 21:40:49

whoops :roll: my bad, i mean:

RastaMan added some links to the free Toolbox...


30-04-2006 01:09:59

Umm, I think that was me.

You can tell who changed the wiki by looking that the Recent changes page
(there's a link to it directly on the left side of the wiki) ... entchanges


30-04-2006 10:39:07

Sorry, i spoke RastAMan yesterday on Yahoo, and he sad he wanted to add those to the laist, and when that was happened, i though he did it.