Creating a proper scene?


08-05-2006 11:52:41

Hello, im busy with trying some things, but i was wondering about a few things.

With oFusion, you should be able to create a full scene with all materials and textures i need, right?
When you export, it should create all files needed to render it in your game.

But could someone tell me, how do i put in a lightmap in 3dsmax 8? i got a plane, its the size i want, i got the lightmap, but i really have no clue how to get in my plane...

And how do i put models and textures on my plane using 3dsmax? I dont want todo it in code. I only want to load the scene, and that the standart things are already there (like i did them in 3dsmax).

Help much appreciated.

Lennard Fonteijn

(or is there a better and easier app then 3dsmax? But still all in one (free and/or commercial))


08-05-2006 22:05:09

I don't realy know about 3dsmax. But i have used blender and the DotScene PlugIn. There are several scripts in ogre cvs to use with blender. The ones i use are the in ogreaddons and in ogrenew/tools.

As for 3dsmax, oFusion in ogreaddons forums may be what you want. Try asking there on just how to use it.