Can't build ogredotnet


09-05-2006 19:40:00

Hi, i try to build the ogredotnet but in the begening i get some errors that the files are in linux format and need LF at the end of the line. After that i get
Error 9 error C2065: 'SkyPlaneGenParameters' : undeclared identifier d:\ogre\ogredotnet\ogrenet\ogrebindings_wrap.cxx 85372
in OgreNet.CeguiRenderer. I use VS 2005 and the downloaded solution in for VS 2003, maybe the converted messed up something ?


09-05-2006 22:05:44

anonymous cvs is out of date, I think by 8 weeks. :?
what files give you the "need LF" error?

I'm going to update tonight and put the source on a web page to download, maybe binarries too.


09-05-2006 22:32:28

Don't remember the names of the files .. .h files 3 or 4 files. Just double-clicked the file and the ide fixed the file when it loaded.