Which OGRE SDK to use?


23-10-2005 07:42:49

Which OGRE SDK should I download to get the correct binaries to work with OgreDotNet, or do I need to compile it from source. I don't have a C++ compiler, and am using C#Builder to compile C# code.

Also, is there like a SampleApplication.cs to see if everything is working correctly -_______-?

Best of wishes,


23-10-2005 14:47:16

In the Wiki it tells you exactly what you need to do.

You need the 1.0.4 SDK currently.

And yes, there's an example application you can use.


24-10-2005 01:23:13

Yes, I read that. But which one? There's 3 different versios for the different Visual C++ compilers.


24-10-2005 06:32:19

You actually do need a C++ compiler to build OgreDotNet, so if you don't you should grab the binaries that are available on the forum, then download the OgreDotNet files and see if you can just build one of the example apps