Newbie Question - Elipsoid to Poly Collision - Please help!!


13-05-2006 20:06:39


I have only ever done 3D Dev with Blitz 3D.

I have moved to C#.NET and OgreDotNet.

I want to do some collisions:

Elipsoid/Sphere to Poly.

Is there a .NET Addin for collisions with OgreDotNet


14-05-2006 05:48:12

you could use GangstaWrapper for Physis.
I posted links for precompiled gangsta dlls to use with ogredotnet.

there is also the OgreOpcode but that has not been wrapped yet.
Ogre also has some ablity to check collision with SceneQuerey, I haven't used it much.


14-05-2006 22:27:03

Thanks for that, I will have a look at Gangsta


15-05-2006 22:18:23

Gangsta looks great, but really I guess all I want to do is cast a ray and see if it intersects with a poly mesh, any ideas?