Could not load dynamic library OgrePlatform_d.dll


29-05-2006 23:12:30

I've been trying to get OgreDotNet working in my Windows Forms application with VS 2005. When I start up the program and make a new Root(), the program errors out. Ogre.log contains this:

14:53:08: Creating resource group General
14:53:08: Creating resource group Internal
14:53:08: Creating resource group Autodetect
14:53:08: Registering ResourceManager for type Material
14:53:08: Registering ResourceManager for type Mesh
14:53:08: Registering ResourceManager for type Skeleton
14:53:08: MovableObjectFactory for type 'ParticleSystem' registered.
14:53:08: Loading library OgrePlatform_d.dll
14:53:08: An exception has been thrown!

Error #: 9
Function: DynLib::load
Description: Could not load dynamic library OgrePlatform_d.dll. System Error: The specified module could not be found.

File: e:\projects\ogrecvs\branches\dagon_vc8_clean\ogrenew\ogremain\src\ogredynlib.cpp
Line: 82
Stack unwinding: <<beginning of stack>>
14:53:08: Termination handler: uncaught exception!
14:53:08: *-*-* OGRE Shutdown

I've placed OgrePlatform_d.dll in the Debug directory, the project directory, and the solution directory. Is it actually not finding it, or is something else going on? I'm using the stock 1.2 SDK, and the most recent precompiled OgreDotNet libs.




30-05-2006 19:51:09

I took a look at the source of DynLib::load. It seems about as straightforward as it gets; just a thin wrapper around LoadLibrary. Yet it isn't finding the library where LoadLibrary is supposed to look for it. Perhaps it actually is finding it, but OgrePlatform's entry point errors out with that message, looking for another library? Or am I totally off base? I really have no idea how this could be happening, but then I'm not really up to speed on manifests and SxS and other recent library happenings.


30-05-2006 23:13:15

Further information: This seems to be specific to OgrePlatform_d.dll. Calling LoadLibrary("OgrePlatform_d.dll") errors out with the "module not found" error. Calling LoadLibrary on cg.dll, for instance, works fine, even though OgrePlatform_d is in all the directories cg is in.


01-06-2006 20:56:28

I experianced the same Issue when using the debug Binaries, from teh log it appeared that was looking in entirely the wrong location for the OGREplatform_d.dll.

This issue does not occur in the release version of the binaries.


11-06-2006 12:59:11

So di I, i have the same problem.

Any idea for solving it ?


11-06-2006 14:45:07

we are currently trying to fix this problem. If you want more info see the pro thread.