question about multiviewport tutorial


12-06-2006 10:12:08

to be exact, it's all about this note in the tutorial

Note: At the time of writing this tutorial _setCurrentSceneManager is not available in OgreDotNet without making a small change to OgreRoot.i, reswigging and recompiling thankfully, this is a relatively painless process. just open OgreRoot.i & remove the line which says %ignore _setCurrentSceneManager, reswig and then recompile. I've asked Rastaman to make this change in the CVS source or to update this tutorial with a better (or the proper) way to do what that function does.

the problem i've got with that is that in my OgreRoot.i doesn't exist anything like a _setCurrenSceneManager. not even without an %ignore. i got a line with _getCurrentSceneManager but i doubt that that's what i'm looking for. thw version i work with is 1.2 and the last time i've updated the wrapper was the first of june.


12-06-2006 16:35:12


there is not a line in OgreRoot.i which says %ignore _setCurrentSceneManager ?

and you cannot call _setCurrentSceneManager( .. )

what error are you getting?


12-06-2006 18:21:15

no, there is no line like that.

the method doesn't occur in any list of the root.

and when i write it in my code and try to compile it anyway i get the error: 'OgreDotNet.Root' contains no definition for '_setCurrentSceneManager'

nice, huh?


12-06-2006 20:03:22


I just looked at the OgreDotNet CVS and the %ignore has been removed in rev 1.8 of OgreRoot.i

If you cannot use _setCurrentSceneManager and you don't see an ignore for it in OgreRoot.i , I would suggest that you reswig and recompile your OgreDotNet solution.