Noob questions


12-06-2006 13:00:07


I'm new to Ogre3D and I have some questions.

1) What is difference between SceneNode.GetOrientation, SceneNode.GetDirection?

2) Camera has nice feature as MoveRelative, but SceneNode doesn't. How can I move object based on its direction.

3) How can I create outdoor map? Are there some automatic tools for terrain and terrain object editing?


13-06-2006 11:41:07



13-06-2006 19:55:29

1. SceneNode does not have GetDirection.

2. Try multiplying the Quaternion that GetOrientation returns by a Vector3 pointer in the direction that you model faces at creation.

v= new Vector3(0,0,1); //facing in +z
v = scenenode.GetOrientation() * v; //transform the vector by the objects rotation.
v *= 10.0f //scale by how far you want it to move

3. you could try PLSM2 for a terrain


13-06-2006 20:13:38

Question 3 was VERY vague. If you want to generate nice terrains, have a look at L3DT. Its quite awesome...

Please don't rely on me for this, I'm not into these kinds of things (yet), just gave you a hint.

You seem to be away from a lot of knowledge. Please visit the wiki(s), its the best place to start, or at least to fresh up a bit... :wink: