Converting solution file to VS 2005


12-06-2006 18:26:46

I've been checking all the different posts on this forum for all the compile issues in VS.NET 2005 and I think I have a pretty clear picture of the situation. However, a most basic step appears to elude me. How exactly do I convert the 2003 solution to 2005? The automatic conversion wizard fails with all the other project files and if I run the particular solutions for VC# and VC it doesn't call SWIG or any other build scripts.

Can anyone tell me what exactly am I missing here? Thank you for your attention and keep up the good work.


12-06-2006 18:33:58

what are you trying to convert? Ogre3D and ODN have 2005 project files.

Make sure you have Swig installed and the envirenment varible set, see wiki for that
open the VC++2005 solution, "OgreDotNet_vc8.sln". find the *Bindings.i files in each project and right click, then click compile.


12-06-2006 18:41:42

Thanks for the push. I missed the part on right clicking the (*.i) files. My bad. However, now I'm having issues with Gangsta bindings complaining about missing .h files. Namely GaPreReqs.h and other Ga*.h files. All the other dlls compile successfully.

I'll travel the forum and make some experiences to solve the issue, I'll post here when I solve it. Thanks again!


12-06-2006 18:45:57

Ok, got it. Didn't realize that Gangsta wasn't included in OgreSDK release package.