Constructing meshes on the fly


19-06-2006 13:24:21

Hi all,

I've seen the documentation and wiki entries on how the c++ folks generate meshes in real-time... but when i try and convert those code snippets to use ogredotnet, it looks as if some things are missing...

most notably.. MeshPtr.createSubMesh() which all the C++ code samples seem to use...

So my question is.. does anyone have any C# code that generates a mesh on the fly? If so, could you either post it here or send me a link,

thanks in advance,



21-06-2006 05:11:05

in OgreDotNet source package


it might be helpful. and read this too. ... =setbounds


18-10-2006 02:18:49

Also, you have a MeshPtr, but the methods you refer to are defined on the Mesh class.

If you have a MeshPtr, you can get the Mesh by calling Get().