Problem with precompiled DLLs ??


21-06-2006 22:48:02


I downloaded the the native dll's ogre engine from the official site, next, the precompiled dlls and demos for ogrenet (here in a sticky post). I suppose, that's all we need to run the demos (of course, I put the media folder in c:\ogreSDK).

All demos throw an exception saying DLL entry point not found for xxxx (a long name containing @s)
The 2nd try was trying to compile the wrapper (incl demos) by my self. I have VS2003. It gives me 8 errors and a lot of warnings (warns ignored by me as I read in some post near here). The dlls works for DEBUG versions but compiled as RELEASE makes all demos popup a dialog:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Assertion failed!

Program xxxxxxxxxxx.exe
File: xxxx\ogrelogmanager.cpp
Line: 40

Expression: ms_Singleton

Any help please?


21-06-2006 23:07:10

sorry, it was a trivial mistake done by me..

In order to no need to copy the ogre core's dlls to all apps or demos I try, I just added the debug & release folders to PATH env variable. As dlls have the same name for both cases (debug & release compiled versions), when I compiled the demos as release, windows found first the debug ones...

solution :
I removed the search path from PATH=..... and copied all core dlls to each app/demo tried. :(

This is a common case as many softwares can need common dlls.
Any better solution please?


22-06-2006 12:56:40

Copy the executeables to a common folder instead of vice versa.