Preferred way to send a patch


28-06-2006 09:25:45


I made a patch, and I'm not sure about the way to send it (since there is only one patch for OgreDotNet in the Ogre's Patch tracker).

The patch adds:
  1. - New configurations in the VS7.1 solution: Debug (from sources) & Release (from sources), which are used to compile ODN from the Ogre source tree (using an OGRE_SRC_HOME environment variable)
    - Ogre::ManualObject
    - Ogre::MeshSerializer
    - Ogre::UserDefinedObject (mainly to remove a lot of warnings when swigging my framework, you can't subclass it in .Net, I didn't made a director for it)
    - LogListenerDirector (to be able to implement an Ogre::LogListener)[/list:u]

    The VC8 project files were edited by hand to add the new files.

    Actually, the output files are put in the 'bin/Debug' folder. Any advice against that? (I will not compile ODN against the Ogre SDK and the Ogre source tree at the same time, but I can't speak for others)


03-08-2006 11:52:27


Could I have access to your patch please? Or advice on how to generate an Ogre::MeshSerializer wrapper myself? That would be great.

We're committed to using Ogre 1.2 / OgreDotNet in our Project, and I really need to use datastreaming for our resources, so your patch is most welcome.

As a general point, for the ODN Community, I wonder just how much of Ogre 1.2 is yet to be wrapped? Is there a source of documentation to describe what interfaces / methods have been changed, or are left 'todo', and advice on how to 'swig' things ourselves?

cheers all, many thanks again, and keep up the great work,
Greenjacket. :D


11-08-2006 11:02:09

I also would appreciate if anybody could post a short tutorial about manual SWIG files creation. I'm in need for ManualObject class in .NET, but a simple tutorial would help.