why no write a Physic Engine in C#?


29-06-2006 13:20:41

Always speaking about wrappers... wrappers of wrappers, wrappers in wrappers, wrappers using wrappers...

Why don't anyone write a Physic Engine in C#?

Why don't anyone rewrite to C# ogre (fuck swig)?

Is C# limited becouse the interested projects only are writed in C or C++ and it need to wrap them?


29-06-2006 14:40:25

In the 30 seconds i was googling for c# physics i found five so really you've got plenty of choices some are wrappers some aren't, but you could always port ode over to c#


29-06-2006 17:41:02

I imagine managing wrappers is a large process. These devs may not have time. But I thought that they had bindings for gansta in OgreDotNet. Gangsta is not maintained any more, but it is a high-level interface for physics engines.


04-07-2006 15:30:53


I spent plenty time to look for a pure .net 3d engine and physics engine. haddd(http://www.haddd.com) is a good one, but it is not maintained any more. How sad!


04-07-2006 16:42:54

Hi, thanks for show this project!!!

I'm spanish and I happy to meet your project!

Rob Loach

06-07-2006 18:04:58

Axiom is a C# port of OGRE. Tao.Ode is a P/Invoke library to the ODE physics engine. OdeDotNet is a managed wrapper around Tao.Ode.