Checking Out The Demos (Crashes)


11-07-2006 06:58:02

I just recently decided to start learning C# after hearing the benefits of quick project coding after the initial language barrier (I currently know and use C/C++ as well as Objective-C). I downloaded the OgreDotNet runtimes for VS8 from the sticky in the forums, but all the demos just crash while opening. How can I fix this so I can begin using OgreDotNet?


11-07-2006 21:24:12

You need to setup the media paths, (and, maybe get a media folder IIRC), else they just crash ;) Look at the resource.cfg file.


13-07-2006 17:05:31

I took care of making sure I edited the resource.cfg file to point to my SDK (funny, that was the default resource path), and it still didn't work. Any other ideas?