Using OGRE with Straight C++/CLI


01-08-2006 17:15:55

I've been looking around for a .NET approach to an upcoming project. OgreDotNet looks very promising, but I am curious if there are any pitfalls with using the OGRE libraries with just C++/CLI. From what I understand, you can basically just 'use' OGRE without any special wrappers with C++/CLI, more or less the same way you would use it with native C++. Is this correct?


01-08-2006 17:39:02

The only pitfall I can think of at the moment, is the lack of CLI/C++ support in Mono (I hear the are planning to add it). So, that means your app will likely be very Win32 specific. If that is fine with you, then I can't think of no reason to not use CLI/C++.

Look ino Mogre in the wiki, and on the main forum.