Manual wraps question


14-11-2005 04:26:52

Please be patient with me. :D

Still new to SWIG...

I've been manually wrapping stuff required to get all the samples working - how much, if at all, will this interfere with the automatic wrappers already in existance or automatic wraps in the future?

I'm still not sure on how this is "automatic" - if Ogre changes, we still have to change the interface files right? And if Ogre changes, manual wraps would still have to be modified.

If the above is true, is it okay if I continue to manually wrap by hand - or is my work useless?

If the above is not true, please explain where I'm wrong. I'd like to be useful - but, still try to work as fast as possible on my end (hence, no SWIG unless necessary).


14-11-2005 04:37:02

Think of it like a template. Instead of wrapping everything manually, you set up rules for SWIG to wrap everything automatically.

For example, instead of going in and changing the references from one type of C++ variable to correspond to its C# counterpart, you just set up a single type def that says "any time you find this C++ var type, use this C# var type instead."

Some things will have to be manually wrapped, but the ideal is to keep that to a minimum.