Compiling ODN for dummys


14-11-2005 12:05:15

Is it - somehow - possible that there are no *.cs files in the CVS for OgreNet? I tried on 3 Computers but none of them loaded these...

so is there someone who might explain me how to compile ODN? It's harder than i thought ;)


14-11-2005 13:12:04

The build process is detailed on the wikion the wiki.

There are no *.cs files because they are generated by SWIG. To compile OgreDotNet, you'll need to setup SWIG correctly first.

And since it's still a WIP, you'll probably have to remove the references to the *.cs files in the projects, generate them, and add the generated files in the projects...


14-11-2005 15:11:21

Well.. i get some files to be compiled though not all of them yet.. i will keep an eye on it and try to make batch scripts for daily builds...


14-11-2005 17:50:05

It's very simple... the .cs files are created for you by SWIG... if the solution references files that are no longer there, just remove them from the solution. I am attempting to keep the solution/project files up to date so you don't have to remove out of date files (mainly the SWIGTYPE ones).

What I usually do is run swig, close VS, then open the solution up again. VS doesn't like to update the solution explorer, so this is necessary to remove all of the "these files aren't here" flags.

Anyway, read the wiki...


14-11-2005 17:55:53

I read he wiki but misinterpreted it because i thought VC would do the swig things for me :/

Well, but after getting this to know i try to make the next step: I want to make a batch or cmd file for building the whole thing and put this one onto my server to make builds every 12 or 24 hours, anything that speaks against it?
All i need to find out is the correct way of bulding the files that are dependent on each other...


14-11-2005 17:58:40

Acutally, if the solution is set up right (with all the files removed that are no longer needed) the *bindings files will compile first before the CS files are compiled... so the CS files WILL be created prior to they are told to compile.

The problem is when the solution references the files that are no longer in the solution.

I'm trying to keep the solutin/project files up to date so this doesn't happen though.


21-11-2005 03:47:15

Part of the problem is that OgreNet ships with two solution files, one called OgreNet and the other called OgreDotNet !!?!?!

What is one to make of this. I think that the Wiki Is not very clear in general on how to build it, there is a lot of ambiguity. Am I to SWIG these .i files myself? Or not? Its just not clear. And if not, which .sln file of the two I reference above do I use?


02-02-2006 12:22:44

Hi Folks,

AlbertS provides a detailed process for compiling the binaries here: