Windows Form Examples


14-08-2006 15:07:22

I'm new to using Ogre and OgreDotNet. Was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction..

I'm looking to create a winform application that will display a 3D view on it.. But I need the 3D View to expand and shrink when the window is resized.. Any ideas on how to do this?

Was also wondering if anyone had created a user control for the OgreDotNet that I could use?

Many thanks



11-10-2006 16:25:34

You've probably already resolved this by now, but just in case others are having the same problem; I'd create an EventHandler to the form's resize event, then call the RenderWindow's resize method and pass the new height/width of the form.

I would think it would be that simple.


15-10-2006 12:41:01

Errr does this work for you? :?
Actually, the solution I found was to call RenderWindow.WindowMovedOrResized();
every time the control changes it's size.