Black screen


15-08-2006 23:49:35


I'm getting a weird behavior on my ODN app.
Ever since I started working with ODN, I used ManualMeshLoader and I always got that problem.
My manually created meshes disapear sometimes b/c of the position/orientation of the camera.

For example, I found a starting position for my camera that won't show my mesh. All I need to do is move the camera or rotate it a little to show the mesh again.

All meshes loaded from file (ie robot.mesh) does not disappear.

Any idea why ogre does this ?




16-08-2006 14:23:17

I tried with OpenGL, I get no rendering except for the CeGUI window. (not even the robot)
I tried setting the perpective to orthographic and nothing shows except for cegui event using direct3d

Still no idea ?


17-08-2006 03:25:34

post your code, ok?


31-08-2006 01:39:00

Without code we can't help :? . So if you wanna solve your problem poste code..


31-08-2006 04:42:09

I'm having a similar problem that MAY be related to timoch's problem. I'm using OgreDotNet and VB.NET. I took the Line3D class that inherits from SimpleRenderableDirector and converted it to VB.NET. I'm creating a single line for a test and it displays fine in PMSolid mode. If I put the camera in PMWireframe mode then there are certain positions/orientations (usualy near the line) that I can position the camera where the line disapears, or, even more strangely, has a second line coming off it's end point stretching off to some other point (usualy off camera, but once it ended on a pixel on the display and "stuck" to that pixel so when I moved the camera the "extra" line segment always ended on that same pixel). Also, in PMPoints mode the line still draws instead of just points. This is actualy the behavior I want, but don't want to rely on it if it's a bug and might be "fixed" in future releases. :D

I can post my code here, but if my problem isn't related to timoch's then I don't want to clutter up timoch's thread.


31-08-2006 16:25:50

I just noticed timoch hasn't posted in 2 weeks, so I'll go ahead and start a new thread for my issue.