Log dll reference


17-11-2005 23:36:25


I'm a newb to OGRE.

I'm trying to compile the SkyBox demo. I've created a blank project with VS.NET 2003. Then I've copied the skybox.cs file to the project and added the following OGRE references:

- CeguiDotNet
- Math3D
- OgreDotNet
- OgreDotNet.Cegui

The problem is that the lines of the code referring to the Log capabilities produce an assembly reference missing error (...The type or namespace name 'Log' could not be found...)

Log oLog = LogManager.Singleton.createLog("test.log", false, false );
oLog.LogMessage("My new Log. Hells yeah!");

What is the dll that I need to add as a reference?

If I delete both lines the demo runs fine. Any ideas?

Thanks, and I apologize for my english


18-11-2005 17:17:47

Log is in OgreDotNet.
You need to run swig again, and add the log.cs file to OgreNet project.
Then rebuild everything.


18-11-2005 22:39:48

hmmm.... I think you are right.

I haven't installed a gcc compiler yet. I've working with the prebuilt binaries posted in this thread by maleficus. Has anybody compiled code using the logmanager class and this prebuilt binaries?

Thanks a lot


22-11-2005 15:43:31


I've solved the problem. The prebuilt binaries posted by maleficus in this thread are from a previous version. I've finally compiled it from the CVS and it works well.

You can download it from http://www.ugr.es/~agsh/ogre/prebuilt_ogreDotNet_binaries-11-22-2005.rar if you want.

I apologize for my english