Problem with SDK 1.0.4 and CVS OgreDotNet


20-11-2005 17:54:22


I tried searching the forums, but couldn't find the solution for the problem.

I just installed Ogre SDK for VS2005 (the deployment package, version 1.0.4.) and fetched the newest version of OgreDotNet from CVS.

I stumble into few problems that one I can work out (at least some way), but the other I can't fix.

I followed the WIKI route of the building; ensured of "compiling" (that is SWIGd) of proper .i files before proceeding. The complete course went like this:

1 OgreBindings project:

- I SWIG - compile OgreBindings.i
- I proceed to build the project
-> error C2065: 'Listener' : undeclared identifier

I fix the Listener (this is assumption, not sure if the correct way) to be defined as Ogre::RenderSystem::Listener. I do the fix manually on generated .cxx file for the few occasions where Listener is used.

Now OgreBindings project compiles.

2. CeGuiBinding build ok
3. OgreBindings_CeGui build ok
4. OgreNet doesn't build:

OgreNet project complains about undefined "SharedMeshPtr" in file MeshPtr.cs.

public class MeshPtr : SharedMeshPtr {

This is as far as I can try to tweak my way. I might have gone wrong way somewhere, but I didn't perform much of anything else than removed few missing .cs files that weren't in the CVS anymore, but hadn't been removed from the project.

I am using Visual Studio 2005 to build up the thing and converted the VS2003 solution file, but this shouldn't be causing the problem.